Two SURE FOOT Equine Stability Program® Practitioner Workshops Offered in August

Discover how SURE FOOT Equine Balance Pads are changing the way we look at horse behavior

SURE FOOT Equine announces two Practitioner Workshops in August suitable for equine professionals such as veterinarians, trimmers/farriers, and bodyworkers who are interested in a more in-depth understanding of the Program or would like to become authorized Practitioners.

One Workshop, hosted by the Northwest School of Animal Massage, will be held August 6-7, 2022, in Vashon, Washington. The second workshop, hosted by Michele Haman of Equi-librium Therapy, LLC, will be held August 13-14, 2022, in Lexington, KY.

In addition to other equine professionals such as physiotherapists, osteopaths, coaches and trainers, and Tellington TTouch® and The Masterson Method® Practitioners, non-professionals (i.e. horse owners) are also welcome to attend and learn more about using SURE FOOT with their own personal horses.

“It’s easy to learn,” says Wendy Murdoch, creator of the Program and developer of the SURE FOOT Equine Balance Pads. “If you can safely pick up a hoof, you can do SURE FOOT.”

The SURE FOOT Equine Stability Program and SURE FOOT Equine Balance Pads address the horse’s balance at the hoof level. Standing on Pads for as little as 15 seconds can bring about profound changes in the horse’s posture, balance, and behavior. Repeated use of SURE FOOT helps develop core stability, improved proprioception, and greater ease and confidence in horses of all breeds and disciplines.

“SURE FOOT is changing the way we look at equine behavior one hoof at a time,” says Murdoch.

For more details on the SURE FOOT Equine Stability Program or to sign up for a Practitioner Workshop, visit the Professional Training tab on the SURE FOOT equine website.

About Wendy Murdoch
Wendy Murdoch is an internationally recognized equestrian instructor and clinician for over 30 years, author of several books and DVDs, and creator of the SURE FOOT Equine Stability Program® and Ride Like a Natural®. She is one of the most skillful teachers ever encountered in any equestrian discipline. Wendy’s desire to understand the function of both horse and human, her curiosity, and her love of teaching capitalize on the most current learning theories. In this way, she is able to help both the horse and the rider.

 Wendy’s willingness to embrace new ideas led her to develop the SURE FOOT Equine Stability Program® and SURE FOOT Equine Balance Pads, which allow horses to reprogram their own brain in order to feel more grounded, secure, and confident so they can become a more willing partner. In 2015, 2017, and 2019, her SURE FOOT Equine Balance Pads were nominated for the Equitana Innovation Prize. In 2019, they were nominated for the prestigious Horse Product of the Year in The Netherlands, coming in third place.

To learn more: Contact Wendy at or (540) 675-228544

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