Watch EQUUS TV’s Interview with Degrieck after he Faces Off with Exell and Chardon in the Final 2023-2024 FEI Driving World Cup™

In the next to last competition for the FEI Driving World Cup in Leipzig, Dries Degrieck’s victory changed the odds for the final competition in Bordeaux. Knowing the magnitude of what this victory meant, EQUUS Television Network’s correspondent Diana De Rosa immediately reached out to Dries to arrange an interview about his Leipzig win and what will unfold in Bordeaux. She will be speaking with Dries on the Monday after Bordeaux, but no matter how he does the viewers will have a chance to listen to this young superstar as he shares his story.

In a press release following his Leipzig triumph and leading into the final competition the FEI’s correspondent Sarah Dance shared this at the top of her story:

“Until the last leg of the series, it looked like the contest for the next FEI Driving World Cup™ title would be between Boyd Exell (AUS) and Bram Chardon (NED). But after his first win in Leipzig (GER), Belgium’s Dries Degrieck has disrupted the old order and put himself into serious contention.”

This is only one example of the passion these equestrians have for their sport because the EQUUS Television Network gets you up close and personal to the top contenders with their virtual VIP and onsite interviews. Here you will get a chance to know about all the superstars in the various sports, whether it be Pierre Le Goupil, who will be the cross-country course designer at Paris 2024 ( or Olympic Gold Medalist David O’Connor (, who now holds the title of Director of Sports at the USEF. It could also be representatives from the FEI like Tim Hadaway, Director of Games Operations ( or Commercial Director, Ralph Straus ( or the diversity of filmmakers or talent from the Tryon International Film Festival, Susan Dyson, 24 Behaviors (

But these are only a few of the many equestrians that De Rosa has interviewed with plans to do even more in the weeks, months and years ahead.

If Western equestrians are who you want to hear from than listen to her interview with Jonathan Field ( or you might enjoy hearing from all the eventing and dressage USA riders who competed at the Pan Am Games in Chile.

If your preference is polo, than learn a bit more about the other things that Nic Roldan has done ( or well known celebrities like Carson Kressley ( or racing broadcaster Donna Brothers (

 “This is only the beginning of our goal to share the stories of the equestrians who have climbed the ladder. Some were born into the horse world but others had a difficult climb as every one of their stories is different,” commented EQUUS Television Network CEO John Barlett.

While you can always search for these stories on this 24/7 network, EQUUS TV also plans to create a subchannel committed to the horse world’s national and international equestrians.

“It’s always been my passion to share the grassroots stories so you can see how they were able to check off something on their wish list,” commented De Rosa. “I’m looking forward to sharing those stories with you on the EQUUS Television Network. I’ve already interviewed many superstars but there will be plenty more to come in the days, weeks, months and years ahead.”

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