Jennifer Spelman, Photography

JENNIFER SPELMAN is a longterm documentary photographer and educator. A sensitive photographer of people, Spelman strives to create portraits with energy and insight.  She is interested in telling stories that celebrate connection, tradition and the land. Her adventures have led her to develop a deep connection with Cuba, a place she has visited over fifty times. Spelman is a patient educator who has Instructed courses with Santa Fe Workshops in the US, India, Mexico, Japan, Cuba and co-instructed with National Geographic Expeditions.


Saturday, June 1 – 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Creative Photographic Techniques for More Impactful Images

Impactful images make you pause and feel connected to the emotion within a moment. Memorable photographs are created by carefully pre-visualizing a situation and accordingly making deft framing and lighting decisions. Spelman will share techniques for better using the full spectrum of camera settings for effect and creative strategies to apply when working in less than impactful landscapes, overcrowded events or in dull natural light. Her presentation should give your imagination a boost and leave you with ideas for how to create a stronger sense of story in your images.


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