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"There is a certain value in being part of a national organization of people who can relate to what I do, especially since I am a one-person operation. Though I don't access the Web site or use some of the other member services regularly, I know they are available. The seminars are the biggest benefit to me for education and inspiration. I enjoy the chance to travel and to meet the fun and interesting faces that go with the names I see in print all the time--the people who write, photograph and spread the word about my favorite animal, the horse." Sandy Kucharski, Editor, Midwest Horse Source

"AHP membership is directly responsible for several important career opportunities that have come my way. The contacts I've made have been invaluable and the information I've gathered at the AHP seminars has benefited both the publications for which I've worked and me professionally." Jennifer Bryant, Individual Member

"The opportunity to swap ideas on every segment of magazine publishing is unequalled and not available anywhere else." Frank Lessiter, Editor/Publisher, American Farriers Journal

"It's good to associate with others who face the same challenges." Alan Gold, Director of Publishing, Cutting Horse Chatter

"Networking. Education. Resource. Great people. Always a positive experience." Jackie McFarland, EquestriSol

"Networking is by far the most valuable benefit. I can't understand why anyone wouldn't want to take advantage of it." Doug Hayes, Director of Business Development, The American Quarter Horse Journal

"I have received invaluable information on working in the equine industry. The resources are very valuable as well as I really appreciate the returned responses via email. This organization is committed to the success of its members." Karen Pickering, Publisher, Northwest Horse Source

"I don't know the dollar value I would assign to benefits my publication has reaped from AHP membership, but I know it would be at least 10 times the annual dues. The friendly networking with industry leaders alone has been worth that much, not only because of new contacts, but because of new ideas." Warren Wilson, Publisher, California Horsetrader