AHP Announces Membership Restructure and Dues for 2023

After 50 years dedicated to equine publishing, AHP is addressing the changes to our industry by restructuring the membership categories to represent our members. The membership categories for 2023 include Media Industry, Media Professional, Affiliate Business, Nonprofit, and Student.


Restructure was necessary for growth.

In 1970, publishers of print publications serving the horse industry founded American Horse Publications. Dues were based on print circulation verified by an audit or postal statement. Desktop publishing was the first technology that dramatically changed the industry, followed by the internet. Publication brands transitioned to multiple media formats and increased their audiences. The media world will continue to change at a fast pace.

To recognize the equine media of today and tomorrow, AHP has replaced the Publishing Media category. The Media Industry member is defined as a single brand print or online publication; digital edition or electronic publication housed on the member website or third-party site. Also included are media broadcast channels and websites. Media must be equine-related and publish editorial content relative to news and information about the horse industry. Excluded from Media Industry membership are social media, blogs, and publications whose primary purpose is to promote the publisher’s specific products or services.

Over the years, additional membership categories for freelancers, equine-related businesses, and organizations became a part of AHP. Each brought talent, opportunity, and diversity to the association.

AHP renamed Business to Affiliate Business member for businesses and e-commerce websites and Business Nonprofit to Nonprofit member for associations, organizations, colleges, and universities that provide proof of nonprofit status. These members share an interest in the equine media industry and support the association’s mission and goals.

The two membership categories for individuals have not changed.

Media Professional Members represent content creators (freelance writers, authors, photographers, videographers, broadcasters,) media sales representatives, public relations agents, media consultants, authors, illustrators, designers, publishers, or any individual offering a service to the equine media industry.

Student Members are high school, college, or graduate college students under 25 who share a love for horses and seek a career in equine media.


The 2023 membership dues are as follows:

  • $225 Media Industry Member
  • $450 Affiliate Business Member
  • $350 Nonprofit Member
  • $165 Media Professional Member
  • $35 Student Member

Members will continue to enjoy the benefits they value, such as the press release service, online education, and access to the equine industry survey.

Several new benefits requested by members were added.

  • Media Industry Member: Association-owned publications may include their association news in their two monthly releases.
  • Media Professional Member: Publishers may join as individual members. The publisher may enter the content they created in the Equine Media Awards classes for Media Professional members only. Awards are presented in the publisher’s name only.


New premium choice benefits available in 2023

On January 1, 2023, members can sign up for premium choice features. (Additional rules and details to be announced.)

  •  Extra AHP Newsgroup Releases Per Month Pay-to-Play Fee

2023 members may purchase up to two additional AHP Newsgroup press releases related per month to the member only for a fee of $50 each. Payment must be prepaid before distribution.

  • AHP Newsgroup eBlast Photo Package Annual Fee

2023 members may purchase a photo-added package that includes one image per release in the eblast version for an annual fee of $300. This feature must be used during the current membership and is good until the membership expires. It may be ordered anytime during the membership, prepaid only, with no refunds or rollovers. The single image must be square or horizontal, no more than 600 pixels wide, and submitted as an attachment with the release.

  • Introduce Clients to AHP with a Trial Press Release Distribution

(available to Affiliate Business and Media Professional members only)

Eligible 2023 AHP members may submit a one-time press release for a non-member client for $250. The offer is good for one release per non-member client, and payment is due before distribution. If the client joins AHP and lists the current member’s name on the application, the referring member qualifies for a $10 credit toward a 2023 conference registration. This offer does not affect the total free releases the member receives per month to promote their services or business.


From the Executive Director

Despite a world of equine media change, horse enthusiasts remain consistent in their desire for news, education, and entertainment. The equine media industry is the conduit for providing this content. AHP’s goal is to ensure that equine media continues to meet its vision below.

American Horse Publications (AHP) strives to be the primary source of education, resources, and networking for the equine media community. We believe a proactive approach in an ever-evolving communications-driven world allows us the flexibility and opportunity to promote, support, and reward excellence in equine media.

Thank you for being a member and part of AHP’s history. Membership renewal invoices for 2023 will be sent by email in November and due January 1, 2023.

If you have questions about your membership category or member benefits, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Keep equine media strong,

Chris Brune