Entering the Equine Media Awards

The Submitter is the individual who will be submitting your entry forms online. This may be a staff person, yourself, or an agency. This person is contacted for questions and receives notifications about the submissions.

The submission page requires members to SIGN IN if they have a Submittable account or SIGN UP for a new Submittable account with an email address, password, and name.

Awards entry fee: $35 per entry.

Submittable requires that all Submitters provide payment information when submitting their entries via their built-in credit card processing system. Online payment is the only option available. For each entry you submit, a $35 fee will be charged to the credit card you provide. Submittable will send a receipt for each entry fee paid to the Submitter’s email address. The Submitter can request a list of total submissions and fees paid by emailing Chris at amy.sales@easterassociates.com after the deadline. Any eligible refunds will be managed by the AHP office.

Unlimited entries are accepted per member in all eligible classes. No refunds for entries that are disqualified or ineligible.

Have you selected your entries and are ready to submit them?

Mark your calendar with the entry deadline date: on or before
February 20, 2024 at 11:59 p.m. EST

Late entries are not accepted. No exceptions.

Best wishes and good luck!

For questions on submitting entries, contact Chris at amy.sales@easterassociates.com or text 386-290-3253.