Do you know how AHP helps to promote your press release?

The AHP Newsgroup is a great member benefit. But do you know how AHP helps get the word out? Every press release you submit results in three actions. Each one performs a different service and gets you the exposure you want for your publication, business or service.


When your press release arrives in the AHP email inbox, it is reviewed and approved for distribution via the AHP Newsgroup elist to over 650 members and staff. Your release provides information or news that the member wants to know or the member’s audience wants to read. The member recipient may 1) read the release; 2) copy and paste the release for use in their print and online media; or 3) contact you for images or more information to customize your news for their niche of the equine world.


After AHP distributes your release via email, it will be posted to the AHP website. The most recent releases are listed on the home page under Latest Horse News. An archive of AHP Newsgroup releases is maintained for over one year. It can be accessed from the navigation bar under News then Industry News, by clicking on more news at the bottom of Latest Horse News, or on the Industry News slider image and selecting AHP Newsgroup.

Checkout latest horse news on the home page.


The last action is to place your press release in your online member profile. To access your profile, login with your username and password and click on My Profile in the upper right hand corner. You will find a list of all your press releases and job postings. This is a handy way to check that your press release has been posted or to review the archive of releases that you have submitted during the past year.

Need help writing a great press release?

Download AHP’s latest resource: A Guide to Press Release Optimization. The guide offers practical tips for crafting press releases that stand out and capture readers’ attention.  Within the guide, find tips for defining your audience, advice for developing strong headlines, and a list of do’s and don’ts.


Contact an AHP Individual member who has an expertise in public relations or marketing.Go to the home page and select the tab SERVICES. Select either Marketing or Public Relations from the dropdown menu to access a list of members. Login to view contact information.