AHP commemorative pins are a collection of memories

By and , January 29, 2020

Fifteen years ago AHP began including commemorative pins as part of the annual conferences. As someone who loves Disney pin trading, Tracy Gantz was all in. Her pin collection multiplied to the point where she had to find an extra Disney pin lanyard to hold all of her 18 AHP pins. Tracy says, “I decided to loan my pin collection to Man o’ War, our 50th anniversary mascot, to show off the pins for this blog post. But I’ve returned them to the lanyard, which is about the only way I will be able to get them to Lexington in May.”

My aha moment at an AHP seminar in 1994

By , January 15, 2020

AHP Champion and past president, Dean Hoffman remembers an AHP seminar in Lexington, Kentucky in June 1994, when a representative of a printer spoke to AHP members. “His comments prompted several light bulbs to brighten in my normally-vacant brain,” he says. “AHP membership (and participation!) paid for itself many times over for Hoof Beats,” says Hoffman. “Plus, I got to hang around and become friends with some of the top professionals in equine journalism and benefit from their wisdom.”

How AHP changed my career

By and , December 27, 2019

Longtime AHP member, Jennifer Bryant, recalls a meet-cute story from her first AHP seminar in 1995 that changed her career. A chance meeting with Lua Southard in the line for the ladies’ room led to a new position and a lifelong friendship.

Annual Awards given at the AHP Conference

By , October 17, 2019

Many special moments happen during the annual AHP Equine Media Conference, especially when it comes time to honor those in the equine media industry, and also the horse industry as a whole, with special awards. When those times come, don’t hesitate to cheer on both new and old friends during one of the many awards ceremonies at the conference.

An Interview with Tony Chamblin, AHP Past President and former Executive Director

By , September 24, 2019

Tony Chamblin served two terms as president of American Horse Publications from 1974-1976 and then became AHP’s first Executive Director, a position he held from 1976 to 1983. “Tony was there during AHP’s formative years,” says current Executive Director, Chris Brune. “He has been extremely supportive and follows the progress of the association via social media and email. I was honored to present him with the AHP Champion Award in 2008.” We asked him a few questions about his thoughts on AHP becoming 50 years old and what he has experienced throughout the years. He gives us his insight on the changes in publishing and the horse industry.