Horse Industry News

Prisma Progresses to Semifinals of Biopitch at the 23rd Annual BioFlorida Conference
10-21-2020, Prisma Imaging

IHSA Athletes to Compete in Taylor Harris Insurance Services Adult Equitation Championship at the National Horse Show
10-21-2020, Intercollegiate Horse Show Association

Night Moves
10-21-2020, Haygain, Inc. USA

Dominique’s Smiles ~ A Miniature Horse Making The World A Happier Place One Smile At A Time With Some Help From Her Friends
10-21-2020, Horizon Structures, LLC

The Plaid Horse Announces its Release of the October 2020 Horse Show Issue
10-21-2020, The Plaid Horse

Hemp vs CBD Free Webinar
10-20-2020, Harmany Equine

2020 Congress Super Sale Results
10-20-2020, Ohio Quarter Horse Association

SmartPak Is Supporting Riders During Uncertain Times
10-20-2020, SmartPak Equine LLC

Horizon Structures LLC and Purina Animal Nutrition LLC To Offer $18,200 Prize Package to Deserving Horse Rescue
10-19-2020, EQUUS

Animal Wellness Action and the Center for a Humane Economy Welcome Veteran Animal Advocate
10-19-2020, Animal Wellness Action

New TEAM Member Joins the MASTERS of Missy Wryn’s Training the Whole Horse®
10-19-2020, Missy Wryn

Blogs to Share from Nikki Alvin-Smith’s Wealth of Content
10-19-2020, Nikki Alvin-Smith

Kimes Ranch Becomes Title Sponsor of The Cowgirl Gathering’s Essence Exchange, November 14-15, 2020
10-18-2020, Kimes Ranch

A Girl. A Horse. A Dog. And 2,600 Miles.
10-15-2020, Trafalgar Square Books

Follow-Up Survey on the Effects of Coronavirus Pandemic on the Care and Management of Horses in North America
10-15-2020, Science Supplements Inc

Certified Horsemanship Association Online Silent Auction is OPEN
10-15-2020, Certified Horsemanship Association

Riding & Writing…an International Blog by Gina McKnight
10-15-2020, Gina McKnight

Follow-up UK mRNA Biomarker Study Will Build on Promising Research Into Preventing Catastrophic Racehorse Injuries
10-14-2020, UK Ag Equine Program

UC Davis Researchers Identify Genetic Variant for Equine Familial Isolated Hypoparathyroidism in Thoroughbreds – Testing Now Available
10-14-2020, CEH Horse Report

Bidding is Open for the Congress Super Sale Internet Auction
10-14-2020, Ohio Quarter Horse Association

One Year In, MARS Equestrian™ Fellow at UK’s Gluck Equine Research Center Continues to Help Older Horses
10-13-2020, UK Ag Equine Program

Nutrition for Weanlings
10-13-2020, Uckele Health & Nutrition

Acquire Smart Solutions to Practice Challenges at AAEP’s Virtual Convention in December  
10-13-2020, American Association of Equine Practitioners

Wild Lands Wild Horses Plays at Soho Film Festival
10-13-2020, Jamie Baldanza

Washington International Horse Show’s President’s Cup Grand Prix Heads to Tryon International Equestrian Center
10-13-2020, Washington International Horse Show Ltd.

Fuelling Wellness Symposium Was a Hit: “Part One of a Three-Part Video Series” on Digestion from Equine Guelph Now Available!   
10-13-2020, Equine Guelph

Notes From Nikki: The 4th Quarter is Here But Where Are Your Customers?
10-13-2020, Nikki Alvin-Smith

Equitopia Announces New Live Lecture Series from Dr Gerd Heuschmann
10-13-2020, Equitopia Center

KER Releases MFM Pellet™: Targeted Nutritional Support for Muscle Disease
10-12-2020, Kentucky Equine Research

Horizon Structures Presents Series….Horse Hay Budget Hacks
10-12-2020, Horizon Structures, LLC

EQUUS Film & Arts Fest 2020 VIRTUAL Event
10-12-2020, EQUUS Film Festival

WIHS Barn Night Goes Virtual
10-9-2020, Washington International Horse Show Ltd.

American Youth Horse Council Invites Proposals for 2021 Virtual Symposium Workshops
10-9-2020, American Youth Horse Council

Unbridled Express Leads Indiana Thoroughbred Stallions in 2019
10-8-2020, Indiana Horse Racing Commission

Premier Equestrian Spotlights Preferred Arena Builder JTWG, Inc
10-8-2020, Premier Equestrian, Inc.

New Children’s About Tenacity and the Power of Love 
10-8-2020, Jessie Haas

Patty Tiberg Named AQHA Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer
10-8-2020, American Quarter Horse Association

Certified Horsemanship Association Virtual Conference – Join Us!
10-7-2020, Certified Horsemanship Association

GGT-Footing is Once Again Sponsoring the NCEA for This 2020-2021 Season!
10-7-2020, Polysols

HHYF To Make Presentation at AHC Virtual Meeting
10-7-2020, Harness Horse Youth Foundation

Susan Benson of Somerset Equestrian Trading Helps Businesses “Get Online” in 2020
10-7-2020, Susan Benson

Flooring First
10-7-2020, Haygain, Inc. USA

Train Your Horse Classically and Add Equine Energy Work at Home Using Your Own Knowledge, Background and Experience
10-7-2020, Adrienne Neary

Ten Dedicated Equine Veterinary Students to be Awarded $5,000 by Merck Animal Health & Oakwood Foundation 
10-6-2020, The Foundation for the Horse

UK Ag Equine Programs Students Gave Back to Equine Community During Inaugural Equine Week of Service
10-6-2020, UK Ag Equine Program

American Horse Council’s National Issues Forum – Guest Speakers
10-5-2020, American Horse Council

Train at Home with Anne Kursinski and Jane Savoie
10-5-2020, Trafalgar Square Books

Unbridled Class Tops Indiana Thoroughbreds for 2019
10-5-2020, Indiana Horse Racing Commission

Monty Roberts’ Mustang & Transition Horse Program Launches Live on H&CTV
10-5-2020, Monty Roberts JOIN UP International

The Equine Disease Communication Center Celebrates Five Years of Improving Horse Health
10-5-2020, Equine Disease Communication Center