Horse Industry News

Certified Horsemanship Association’s July Webinar on How to Create Great Arena Footing
7-23-2021, Christy Landwehr

Cavallo’s All-Purpose Saddle Pads Help as Your Horse’s Back is Changing
7-23-2021, Jennifer Mundell

Synchrony, Provider of CareCredit Financing Solution, Joins AAEP Educational Partner Program  
7-22-2021, Sally Baker

Morris Animal Foundation Announces Equine Behavior RFP
7-22-2021, Carol Borchert

Morris Animal Foundation Announces Call for Equine Health Proposals Related to Colic Research
7-22-2021, Carol Borchert

Keeneland July Digital Sale Catalog Now Online
7-22-2021, Amy Owens

Navarra Levels Up EAL, E3A Training to Better Coach Others Through a New Normal
7-22-2021, Kathryn Navarra

Elevate Your Equestrian Experience with Equine Affaire
7-22-2021, Beth Volpe

Paso Fino Mares and 2-Month-Old Foals Rescued from Severe Neglect and Starvation Are Now Safe at Texas Sanctuary
7-22-2021, Keith Dane

Keeneland Returns As Sponsor of Arrival Exam & Finale Jog at Thoroughbred Makeover
7-21-2021, Jen Roytz

Teton Ridge Named Title Sponsor for The Run For A Million
7-21-2021, Amanda Brumley

AHC Announces Congressional Scorecard
7-21-2021, Julie Broadway

Lone River Exhibitor Party to Take Place at the 2021 Tall Pines Horse Show
7-21-2021, Lindsay Perraton

The Plaid Horse Announces Show Strides Book 4 Availability for Pre-Order
7-21-2021, Piper Klemm

Achieve Equine LLC Offering a $250 Breathe Easy Bonus™ at the 2021 NBHA Youth World Show
7-20-2021, Hanna Hartman

Equine Guelph Partners with Best Horse Practices for Fourth Annual Summit 
7-20-2021, Jackie Zions

To Steam or Not To Steam?
7-20-2021, Kim Miller

Author Carly Kade Releases Beyond Eight Seconds: Part Four of In the Reins
7-20-2021, Carly Kade

EQUITANA USA Partners with United States Pony Club for 2021 Program
7-19-2021, Katie Genovese

State Line Tack is Pleased to Be Back on the Road in 2021!
7-19-2021, Sharon Gladski

Secure, Airy and Stylish – The New Kensington Adjustable Aisle Guard
7-19-2021, Lisa Borg

Horse&Rider OnDemand Releases New Reining Videos with Ryan Rushing
7-19-2021, Nicole Chirico

Equine Nutritionist James Lattimer, PhD, Joins the Team at ADM Animal Nutrition 
7-19-2021, Mike Barrett

John Price and Eva Mabboux Named 2021 IEA National Sportsmanship Award Winners
7-19-2021, Myron Leff

Horizon Structures Presents Series: Practical, Pragmatic Purchasing ~ Don’t Overlook The Emotional Factor When Buying a Horse Barn or Kennel
7-19-2021, Nikki Alvin Smith

Riding & Writing Highlights an Interview with Western Novelist Anna Elizabeth Judd
7-17-2021, Gina McKnight

Save the Date! Hampton Classic’s Adoption Day on Monday, August 30, Offers Hope for America’s Horses in Need of Homes and $30,000 in Matching Funds
7-17-2021, Lynn Coakley

WE RIDE AT DAWN: Original Equinista™ Embarks on New York-to-Montana Road Trip to First-Ever National Natural Horsemanship Conference, Of Horse, Human and Nature
7-16-2021, L.A. Sokolowski

Kimes Ranch Named Presenting Sponsor of Tulsa Reining Classic
7-16-2021, Lindsay Perraton

IEA and APHA Partnered to Host the 2021 IEA Western National Finals
7-16-2021, Myron Leff

Platinum Performance® Named Title Sponsor of The Run For A Million $100,000 Open Shoot Out
7-16-2021, Amanda Brumley

Kimes Ranch to Host the Tall Pines Horse Show
7-15-2021, Lindsay Perraton

2021 WIHS Prize List Now Available Online
7-15-2021, Elizabeth Mellen

Brooke USA Announces Name Change to Brooke USA Foundation
7-15-2021, Kendall Bierer

AHC Board of Trustees Announces New Officers
7-15-2021, Julie Broadway

Get Ready To Ride With A Pro:
7-15-2021, Beth Volpe

HHYF Summer Travels Begin Next Week
7-14-2021, Ellen Taylor

Sept. 1 Deadline to Apply for Equine Research Fellows Scholarships 
7-14-2021, Keith Kleine

Horse Radio Network Takes the Show On The Road
7-14-2021, Glenn Hebert

Horsemanship Curriculum Added to Kentucky Horseshoeing School Course
7-14-2021, Wayne Hipsley

Jacquay Named MARS EquestrianTM Scholar at the Gluck Equine Research Center
7-13-2021, Holly Wiemers

New Study Aims to Provide Targeted Nutritional Recommendations for EMS/ID Horses
7-13-2021, Holly Wiemers

Valley Vet Supply Introduces New Trail Boots
7-13-2021, Aimee Robinson

Celebrate National Meet a Horse Day on July 17th
7-13-2021, Julie Broadway

State Line Tack’s Premier Partnership with 4-H Furthers Programs Nationwide
7-12-2021, Sharon Gladski

EQUUS Foundation Announces Its Newest Equine Ambassador, Serena Marron’s Rapidash and the Launch of the Safe Landings Program
7-12-2021, Lynn Coakley

Horse Network Launches #WeRideTogether PSA Campaign to Bring Much-Needed Awareness, Education, and Resources to Help Counter Sexual Misconduct and Abuse in Horse Sport
7-12-2021, Carley Sparks

Cavallo Hoof Boots Q&A: Important Points to Consider when Buying Hoof Boots
7-12-2021, Jennifer Mundell

Appaloosa Horse Club Welcomes Corro (, the One Source for All Things Horse, as Bronze Level Sponsor
7-12-2021, Elaine Piersen

A New Era of Fly Protection Stops the Stomp
7-12-2021, Lisa Borg