Equine Network’s Horse Week Features Win Gold at the 2021 VETTY Awards

Equine Network’s inaugural Horse Week brought to you by Boehringer Ingelheim had two features —”On Their Shoulders” brought to you by Equitarian Initiative and “The Making of a Champion” brought you by Boehringer Ingelheim—take home Gold Awards for the Website Consumer Video category at the 2021 VETTY Awards.

The VETTY Awards are the first and only animal health marketing awards competition with the goal of recognizing the dedication, intelligence and creativity of the North American animal health marketing teams and agencies. After a lengthy submission and judging period, the highest-scoring winners were revealed at the VMX Veterinary Meeting & Expo presented by The North American Veterinary Community (NAVC), January 15-18, 2022.

Equine Network’s Horse Week is a week-long viewing experience that includes profiles of incredible equine athletes, equine storytelling that celebrates the horse-human bond, and heartwarming tales of horse heroics. In “On Their Shoulders”, viewers learn how the Equitarian Initiative and their network of veterinarians volunteers help provide basic healthcare to working horses, mules and donkeys all over the world. “The Making of a Champion” gives an up close look at the hard work, dedication and science it takes to get high performance horses ready to win.

“Both ‘On Their Shoulders’ and ‘The Making of a Champion’ take viewers on an experience, showing them a new, interesting side of the equine world. Our team loved bringing such new and exciting experiences to our viewers.” said Mariah Hammerschmidt, Supervising Producer of Horse Week and Equine Network Video Project Manager. “It is an honor to have our Horse Week features recognized with wins at the VETTY Awards.”

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Horse Week, an equine-centric digital festival unlike any other. This week-long viewing experience includes profiles of incredible equine athletes, equine storytelling that celebrates the horse-human bond and heartwarming tales of horse heroics. For more information about Horse Week, visit horseweek.tv.

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