The Run For A Million Partners with NRCHA to Announce the Cow Horse Challenge And Cowboy Invitational for 2022

This August 17-20, in Las Vegas, Nevada, The Run For A Million turns up the reined cow horse heat to not only include the open Cow Horse Challenge but also showcase the roots of reined cow horse with a Cowboy Invitational.

“The cow horse was a fan-favorite at The Run For A Million in 2021,” said Taylor Sheridan, producer of The Run For A Million. “In 2022 we’ll be doubling down on cow horse, bringing you the very best NRCHA bridle horses and professionals in the Cow Horse Challenge, and some of the best hands from America’s biggest ranches in the Cowboy Invitational.”

For the 2022 Cow Horse Challenge, which is expected to boast at least equal added money to the 2021 event, riders will have the opportunity to qualify at one of two qualifiers NRCHA will host on behalf of The Run For A Million. These qualifiers will be run concurrently with the Open Bridle classes at the Teton Ridge Stallion Stakes in Las Vegas, Nevada, in March and the DT Horses Western Derby in Scottsdale, Arizona, in June.

The qualifier events will be an add-on to the Open Bridle and will have a $1,000 entry fee with $5,000 added money from The Run For A Million at each. The top 8 riders at each event will earn an invitation to The Run For A Million Cow Horse Challenge, plus a custom qualifier knife from Gist Silversmiths, an NRCHA Corporate Partner, courtesy of The Run For A Million. At these events it is the rider who earns the qualification, not the horse. Each rider can qualify only once, and does not need to show at The Run For A Million on the same horse they rode to qualify. NRCHA will announce the rider’s picks prior to the event through its social media channels.

In August, cowboys will be coming to town with the Cowboy Invitational at The Run For A Million. Using the NRCHA Cowboy Class format, the competitors in the invitational will complete a traditional reining and cow work run, and then will come back for a second turn in the arena for steer stopping.

“Reined cow horse grew into a competitive sport from the traditional Vaquero way of training a horse to work cattle on a ranch,” said Anna Morrison, NRCHA executive director. “The connection between our sport and the ranching traditions we grew from is alive and well. This is where we started, and this event will more than showcase how rooted cow horse still is in ranch life.”

Before riding for the $25,000 in added money at The Run For A Million in Las Vegas, cowboys from some of the country’s most historic ranches will be invited to a Cowboy Clinic to freshen up their skills. The following historic ranches are among those that have been invited to send cowboys for the inaugural event. Keep and eye on for updates on who will throw their hat in the ring in Las Vegas!

  • 6666 Ranch (Guthrie, TX)
  • Bogle Ltd. (Dexter, NM)
  • R.A. Brown Ranch (Throckmorton, TX)
  • San Lucas Ranch (Santa Ynez, CA)
  • Singleton Ranches (Lamy, NM)
  • Stuart Ranch (Caddo, OK)
  • Tongue River Ranch (Dumont, TX)
  • Wagonhound Land & Livestock (Douglas, WY)
  • Waggoner Ranch (Vernon, TX)

The NRCHA is excited to support The Run For A Million as the sanctioning body and partner for the reined cow horse portions of the competition. At the event, the NRCHA will host autograph sessions with the 16 qualified Cow Horse Challenge riders and the Cowboy Invitational riders, where event attendees can get to know reined cow horse’s brightest stars and connect with our ranching roots.

For more information on the event, or to find tickets, visit For information about reined cow horse competition, visit the National Reined Cow Horse Association at

Based in Pilot Point, Texas, the National Reined Cow Horse Association was formed in 1949 in California, with the goal of preserving and educating the public about the rich history of this traditional horsemanship. The NRCHA is responsible for promoting the sport and ensuring high standards of competition and continuing to work to keep the Vaquero tradition alive in today’s equine industry. The NRCHA also supports numerous affiliate clubs across the United States, Europe and abroad. These groups serve as the association’s backbone, holding many NRCHA-sanctioned competitions and events each year.

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