Ruth Hogan-Poulsen Releases Dressage Rider’s Journal for 2021 

FEI Coach Emphasizes Strategic Riding for Dressage Riders at All Levels

Ruth Hogan-Poulsen of East Hill Farm announced the publication and immediate availability of the 2021 Dressage Rider’s Journal, a dated calendar and goal-setting planner uniquely customized for the needs of dressage riders.

Journal Helps Dressage Riders During Unusual Season

“I originally created this journal [in 2018] to help my students be better, more strategic riders,” explained FEI dressage rider and trainer Ruth-Hogan Poulsen. “This year, many folks have written to thank me for the help it has given them during COVID lockdown. When they couldn’t get to their trainer, they went into their notes and “toolbox” from prior lessons to seek solutions!”

Buyers of the 2019 and 2020 editions continue to benefit from the Dressage Rider’s Journal.

“The Dressage Rider’s Journals help me organize and keep focused on my goals,” said Adult Amateur dressage rider and USDF Silver Medalist Sue Michalek, after using the previous editions. “[The Journal] gives me an opportunity to review problems and concerns and evaluate my progress plus keeps my lesson and independent riding notes organized. I can’t wait to get the 2021 Journal!”

The Journal is reaching not just the Adult Amateur audience, but also motivated Junior / Young Riders as well.

“I love using The Dressage Rider’s Journal Planner and Calendar. It helps me gather my thoughts and remember key information after my ride,” shares 14-year-old Junior dressage rider Annabel Clark. “I review my notes in between rides which helps me get the most out of my lessons. I like flipping through pages from a few months ago and seeing how much progress my horse and I have made.”

The 2021 Dressage Rider’s Journal Availability

The 2021 Dressage Rider’s Journal is now available on at as well as on Amazon’s many international platforms. The journal is a great example of Ruth Hogan-Poulsen’s commitment to create and deliver quality and practical products to equestrians. For a virtual flip-through and to learn if the 2021 Dressage Rider’s Journal is right for you, visit

About Ruth Hogan-Poulsen: FEI dressage rider, coach and trainer Ruth Hogan-Poulsen works with clients and horses at Bespoke Farm in Loxahatchee, Florida, each winter and at East Hill Farm in Plainfield, Vermont the rest of the year. In addition to being a respected freestyle choreographer, coach and trainer, Hogan-Poulsen has earned her USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold medals as well as the Freestyle Gold Bar. She co-authored this book with Ariana Marshall, a certified Project Management Professional and former dressage rider.

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