AHP Member Courtney Maum’s Polo Memoir is HN READS’ Pick for August

The sport of polo has its moment of glory on HorseNetwork.com

AHP Member Courtney Maum’s latest memoir, “The Year of the Horses” is the August pick for HN Reads, the monthly book club vodcast known as “the book club for horse people” run by HorseNetwork.com

Though HN Reads host Gretchen Lida has welcomed many distinguished authors to her program (Susanna Forrest, Sara Maslin Nir) this is the first time the vodcast has featured an author writing about polo. “The Year of the Horses”—which was chosen by The Today Show as the best read for Mental Health Awareness—explores how learning polo as an adult beginner helped Maum to get out of a severe depression by equipping her with the mental and physical tools to combat fear in—and outside—of the barn.

Hailed by the governing body of polo in America, the USPA, as “honest and inspirational,” fellow polo player and author Kareem Rosser says of “The Year of the Horses”:

“The concept of finding safety in a dangerous sport won’t make sense to everyone, but the way that Courtney found meaning and magic in horses resonates with me. As a polo player, I loved the sometimes laugh-out-loud journey of an adult trying against all odds to learn the sport of kings. This is a great memoir that somehow manages to be both deeply moving, and funny.”

 You can listen to the HN Reads episode featuring Courtney and by Googling “The Year of the Horses” and “HN Reads” or simply go to: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-year-of-the-horses/id1632276209?i=1000571401340

To listen to other podcasts that Courtney has appeared on for “The Year of the Horses” you can visit CourtneyMaum.com and view the hyperlinks under “Press.”

If you’re interested in having Courtney on your podcast, please contact her publicist

Becky Kraemer: becky@tinhouse.com

Book cover image and author headshot available upon request.

Contact: Becky Kraemer


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