Horse Radio Network’s Horses In The Morning Hits 3,000 Episodes

Now the longest running daily podcast in the world.

The HORSES IN THE MORNING podcast is celebrating a very rare milestone in podcasting history.  On August 17th they will record their 3000th episode.  Industry experts believe this is the longest running independent daily podcast in the world.

Hosted by Glenn the Geek, founder of the Horse Radio Network, and Jamie Jennings, a former morning radio personality in Atlanta, they recorded the first episode on Nov 1, 2010.  Jamie’s husband has a famous quote before the first episode, it was “what are you guys going to talk about after two weeks?”  12 years and 3,000 episodes later they still have not run out of things to talk about.

Jamie and Glenn host Monday, Wednesday and Fridays with special guest hosts on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  It is estimated that the HORSES IN THE MORNING crew has:

  • Interviewed over 6,000 guests.
  • Given away over $50,000 in prizes.
  • Recorded 210,000 minutes (3,500 hours) of programming.
  • Read over 6,000 Really Bad Adz
  • Covered over 700 horse health topics
  • Over 1000 training tips for horses and riders.

HORSES IN THE MORNING will record episode 3,000 on August 17, 2022 from Jamie’s Flyover Farm in Oklahoma.  Glenn said, “We are thrilled to be together to record this episode and celebrate this unique milestone in podcasting.  I have so much respect and admiration for Jamie and all the hosts on the show, they are what has made it great.”

HRN would like to thank long time title sponsors Kentucky Performance Products, State Line Tack, Horseloverz, World Equestrian Center, Certified Horsemanship Association, Sidelines Magazine, American Sidesaddle Association, Horse Illustrated, Equine Affaire, Total EquiHealth.  We would also like to thank long time listener favorite special episode hosts  Karen Chaton and Mary Kitzmiller for their key contributions to this milestone event.

Glenn and Jamie are looking forward to 3,000 more!

You can listen to HORSES IN THE MORNING on any podcast player or at

The Horse Radio Network is the leader in equine related podcasts and “The Voice of the Horse World”. Over 14 years and 11,000 episodes spanning all aspects of the horse lifestyle.  You can find all the shows at

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