Texan Van Hargis on How Football, Mom, and Cross-Stitch Made Him a Better Horseman

Trafalgar Square Books (HorseandRiderBooks.com) is proud to announce the release of THE HORSE IS MY TEACHER by Van Hargis, an engaging collection of stories from a rural working life that teach us how to be better horsemen—and better people.

Van Hargis grew up in the saddle on an East Texas ranch, training his first horse at age 12 and eventually making a living starting cutting and reining colts, many of which would leave his hands to become champions. Naturally outgoing (labeled a “talker” by teachers in grade school), Hargis shared stories and lessons from his work with horses early on. Here, in his first book, he reaches out to readers with a collection of down-to-earth, highly relatable tales—experiences that, over the years, have impacted his own horsemanship and life in significant ways. Readers absorb fundamental knowledge of horses skillfully embedded in genuine anecdotes straight off the ranch:

  • How Grandma’s cross-stitch laid the groundwork for more patience when starting colts and trailer loading.
  • How a daughter’s temper tantrum helped perfect timing of the release of pressure.
  • How the way Mom worked the gate when sorting cattle taught you to look for what the horse really wanted to achieve.
  • How playing on championship football teams provided the understanding of true partnership between rider and horse.

With easy-to-remember quotes to anchor what readers learn and practical tools that can be used in the arena or on the trail, by Western or English riders, THE HORSE IS MY TEACHER imparts the principles of great horsemanship while also inspiring each of us to apply those same principles to further our own personal growth and success.

208 pages | 50 color and b&w photos | Watch the trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FvjlFJdzJEE

For more information about this book or author Van Hargis, contact Rebecca Didier (rdidier@trafalgarbooks.com).

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