Horses and Humans Research Foundation Welcomes Newest Board Member – Marcie Wild

Horses and Humans Research Foundation (HHRF) is pleased to announce that Marcie Wild (formerly Ehrman), has become HHRF’s newest board member.   A lifelong equine advocate, she has presented and published articles internationally related to equine welfare. Marcie has been in the field of Equine Assisted Services for over 20 years, taught at several Premier Accredited PATH Centers, and served as prior Co-Chair of the PATH Intl. Equine Welfare committee. She is a Certified TR Instructor, Instructor Mentor, Equine Specialist in Mental Health & Learning, a Centered Riding Instructor, & Past Director of Equine Assisted Services at a large residential facility. She sits on the Board of Directors of Cornell Cooperative Extension and is an advisor for their equine programming. Marcie periodically works with The EQUUS Foundation and shares she is honored to be a member of the HHRF Equine Well-Being Committee and a new addition to the HHRF Board of Directors.

Founder and Equine Well-Being Committee Chair, Molly Sweeney states: “Marcie is a passionate advocate for the horse/human relationship and she has an endless amount of curiosity and enthusiasm for all things related to horses. She seeks out the experts when she needs a solution and is especially dedicated to nutrition and dressage. Most of all, she is a delight to work with!  Welcome, Marcie.”

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Mission: “Through sustained investment in rigorous research and educational initiatives, Horses and Humans Research Foundation serves as a catalyst to advance global knowledge of horse- human interactions and their impact on health and well-being of people, horses and other equines.” * such as Donkeys and Mules

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