The Barngoddess Chronicles Announces “Red Herring” Mystery Challenge

What do horses and herrings have in common? Discover the answer at The Barngoddess Chronicles “Beware The Red Herring” challenge. Janet Winters, publisher of The Barngoddess Chronicles and author of the Ivy Snow Mystery Series, takes horse loving readers on a fun adventure through history and mystery to unveil little known facts about the origins of these two seemingly unrelated genus.

Janet’s mystery novels feature protagonist, Ivy Snow, a former Olympic Eventing hopeful, and Jaycee, her physic teenage daughter, in a maze of danger and deception as they navigate murder and mayhem in the horse world.

The “Beware The Red Herring” challenge invites readers to test their detection skills  and reveal that which seeks to mislead and distract from the path of solving the crime and identifying the culprit in any of the three Ivy Snow Mysteries in the series.

Murder At Morgan House, Death At Heart’s Desire, and the newest release Peril In Paradise.

Visit The Barngoddess Chronicles, enter the challenge, and win a cool prize!

Contact: Janet Winters

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