Jump Start Holiday Marketing with Equestrian Lifestyle Blog SaddleSeeksHorse.com

SaddleSeeksHorse.com, a leading equestrian lifestyle website by author and Barn Banter podcast co-host Susan Friedland, is excited to announce new sponsored post opportunities for the 2023 holiday season. Brands that reserve a sponsored blog or social media post by October 1, 2023, will be included in the Saddle Seeks Horse 2023 Equestrian Gift Guide for free. Four tiers of holiday marketing packages provide entry points for both mom and pop shops just starting out to well-established companies looking to broaden their reach. There’s even a budget-friendly package specialized for authors of horse books.

Since 2013, Saddle Seeks Horse, a blog for the everyday equestrian, has been consistently publishing engaging content ranging from horse-related product reviews to book recommendations, equestrian travel ideas and more. With a dedicated following, reputation for authenticity, and first page Google search results for a number of equestrian-related keywords, SaddleSeeksHorse.com is the ideal platform to promote your products, services and horse books.

Make holiday marketing a breeze by partnering with SaddleSeeksHorse.com on a sponsored post. With a decade of experience, SaddleSeeksHorse.com is a trusted name in the online horse realm and the perfect destination to place custom articles, reviews, or informative pieces that highlight your products or services seamlessly within existing equestrian lifestyle content.  SaddleSeeksHorse.com is committed to transparency and adheres to ethical guidelines when it comes to sponsored content. Audience trust is paramount, and sponsored partnerships are clearly disclosed.

Don’t miss out on the chance to make holiday marketing easy with SaddleSeeksHorse.com. To partner with SaddleSeeksHorse.com on a sponsored post, please contact susan@saddleseekshorse.com for more information, including pricing and available slots.

About SaddleSeeksHorse.com:
Saddle Seeks Horse is the online hub for horse book author Susan Friedland. What began as a personal journal while horse shopping in 2013, has since turned into an award-winning website popular among amateur equestrians, and a go-to authority for product reviews and the equestrian lifestyle.

 About Susan Friedland:
Susan Friedland is just as crazy about horses today as she was running around her yard on a hobby horse as a child. Her written work has been featured in numerous magazines including Horse Illustrated, Young Rider, and Sidelines. Susan’s latest book Marguerite, Misty and Me: A Horse Lover’s Hunt for the Hidden History of Marguerite Henry and Her Chincoteague Pony, biography of beloved author Marguerite Henry, launched on Chincoteague Island where Susan spoke at the Island Library and Museum of Chincoteague. She’s also been a featured speaker at both Equitana and the American Horse Publications Equine Media Conferences.

For more information please contact: Susan Friedland at susan@saddleseekshorse.com or 626-203-6518.

Contact: Susan Friedland

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