EQUUS Television Hits the Road to Cover the American Farrier’s Association National Convention in Reno, NV November 7th through 10th

EQUUS Television, the world’s foremost destination for equestrian enthusiasts, is gearing up for an exciting journey in November as they hit the road to provide extensive coverage of the American Farrier’s Association National Convention, taking place in Reno, Nevada. This prestigious event, dedicated to the art and science of farriery promises to be an enlightening and informative experience for those passionate about equine hoof care.

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The American Farrier’s Association National Convention is a gathering of farriers, equine professionals, and enthusiasts from across the nation who come together to exchange knowledge, showcase the latest innovations in farrier techniques, and celebrate the crucial role that farriers play in the well-being of horses. EQUUS Television will be there to capture every moment of this important event.

“EQUUS Television’s core pledge is to provide our viewers with access to the most insightful and engaging equestrian content, across the Equestrian Spectrum and the American Farrier’s Association National Convention is a prime example of that commitment,” said EQUUS Television CEO John Barlett. “Farriery is a cornerstone of equine health, and we are excited to be on the road, bringing our audience comprehensive coverage of this convention, which will undoubtedly be a treasure trove of knowledge for horse enthusiasts.”

 EQUUS Television’s coverage will include exclusive interviews with leading farriers, in-depth discussions on innovative horseshoeing techniques, and a behind-the-scenes look at the latest tools and equipment that are shaping the field of farriery. Viewers can expect to gain valuable insights into the art and science of hoof care, helping them better understand and appreciate the importance of this essential aspect of equine well-being.

The network’s renowned Worldwide Correspondent, Diana De Rosa, will be onsite in Reno, Nevada, to provide viewers with exclusive interviews, updates, and live coverage from the convention. EQUUS Television will also feature expert commentary and analysis, ensuring that viewers receive a comprehensive and immersive experience.

Whether you’re a professional farrier, a horse owner, or simply a horse enthusiast, EQUUS Television’s coverage of the American Farrier’s Association National Convention promises to be an enriching and enlightening journey into the world of equine hoof care.

Stay tuned to EQUUS Television all this month for interviews with the key players and join EQUUS as they hit the road to Reno, Nevada, 11.7 through 11.10 to bring you the latest and most insightful coverage of this important event from start to finish!

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