EDCC and USEF Launch Biosecurity Video Series

The Equine Disease Communication Center and the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) have jointly created a series of videos detailing how horse owners can help prevent the contacting and spreading infectious diseases.

“These videos highlight how practicing biosecurity can help prevent disease spread for all types of shows and events within the horse industry,” said Dr. Nathaniel White II, EDCC Director.

Each of the five videos, hosted by Dr. Katie Flynn, USEF Equine Health and Biosecurity Veterinarian, are between eight-to-10-minutes in run time and highlight topics such as biosecurity prior-during-and-post competition as well as the development and implementation of isolation plans.

The videos can be found on the EDCC website at this link https://equinediseasecc.org/biosecurity. They will also be available on the EDCC YouTube Channel at https://www.youtube.com/@EquineDiseaseCommCenter

Funding for the videos is from the USEF and support for the EDCC from a United States Department of Agriculture cooperative agreement as part of the National Animal Disease Prevention and Response Program.

Contact: Leslie Barlow
Communication Manager
Equine Disease Communication Center
p: (859) 705-0368|e: edcc@aaep.org
w: http://equinediseasecc.org