Equestrian Travel Crime by Cuchullaine O’Reilly

HRL is proud to announce the release of one of the most powerful equestrian books ever written, Equestrian Travel Crime, “The First Study of Horse Abuse, Killing and Swindling,” authored by Horse & Rider Living’s Editor, CuChullaine O’Reilly.

The best part? It is FREE! Due to recent events in equestrian travel, a decision was made to alert the public of equine travel abuse, without seeking profit. To inform the equestrian world of those using religion, and charitable causes, making false claims of intention, all to mask the reality of greed and a quest for fame.

As the founder of the Long Riders Guild, HRL editor O’Reilly is an investigative journalist who states the Guild will not “turn a blind eye” to horse abuse or unethical behavior.

Reviews from around the world are already pouring in, including that of Filipe Leite, whose documentary film “The Long Rider,” has been viewed internationally and won many awards, including the Western Heritage Award.

Sample Reviews:

“Though hard to read at times (shocking content), it is so powerful and important. This work will benefit the well-being of horses, like all of the books you have written! That’s the most important thing, to keep these majestic animals out of harm’s way and out of the hands of lunatics….” Filipe Leite Brazil

“I hope it reaches far and wide to help educate people as you intended”…Lyndsey, UK

“The magnum opus of equine terror that CuChullaine O’Reilly has synthesizes is nothing short of appalling. The capacity for ignorant, arrogant, egotistical individuals to warp public perception and cause immense harm to the creatures in their care goes beyond anything I have previously conceived. This is an incredibly timely, necessary resource to publish, and I implore him to do so with as much urgency as humanly possible.” Adam Pennavaria

This profound work of ethics is free and can be found at:


Contact: Barbara Godwin