Horse Trails of America Association: Submit Trail Videos for the HTA YouTube Channel  

Do you YouTube? Subscribe to the Horse Trails of America Channel today. HTA is building playlists to help riders find quality trail information for each state and area. It’s fun to see what it’s like to ride in a new area. Riders can see where they want to ride next when they know what trails and locations look like. Check it out now at:

Plus, HTA invites you to load up your own amazing trail videos and show what it’s like to ride across America. Use the form at to submit your video links after you’ve posted them on your own hosting platform. Make sure to post your video in the HTA Facebook group or on your own YouTube channel first.

Technical Details:
If you post to your own page, make sure that it loads up as public. On YouTube, mark it public or unlisted. Then get the link from the top URL bar (or on your phone, hit the share arrow and copy the address). If you have videos that you have already posted in the group, send those links, too! There’s room on the form for you to tell about where you rode. Plus, tell us who we should credit for the video. HTA wants to make sure people know that the videos came from our members. This is a service by trail riders for trail riders.

Video Advice:
Take video on your next trail ride! Videos from your phone work well. Make sure to attach your phone to your saddle or bags with a strap . Make sure to hold the reins safely with one hand while you take any photos. You may also look for helmet cams or chest attachments to help you make sure you have your hands free. Be safe! You may choose to stop and show a video of your surroundings instead of taking a video while you ride.

Tips: Make sure to take videos in the horizontal format. Keep a wide angle so that the videos may be trimmed for Reels or another vertical video later. Hold the camera steady and count to at least 30 before you stop video work. Keep the camera as level as possible. This takes practice! Videos that are at least a minute long are best. Let others know that you’re taking a video to limit excess talking that may need to be edited out later. You’re welcome to purposefully talk about what you see and what the ride has been like for you. Don’t add copyrighted music to your videos before you submit.

Submit a Video Now:

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