Shout Out To My Fellow Professional Horse Trainers – Don’t Be Left Out In The Field and Miss This Free Trial

by Nikki Alvin-Smith

Every professional horse trainer seeks to improve the health and performance of their equine partners. Building and keeping your horse in tip-top health and up there on the leaderboard is hard work and having all that focus and energy reap rewards with consistent sparkling performances, is something competitors and coaches yearn to achieve.

Here’s a special invitation for pros who aren’t yet in the know, to help realize the most potential in their equine athletes. Don’t be left out in the field, come and get it!

Here’s the scoop:

The recent gamechanger to help professionals accomplish their goals, comes from the world of horse health supplements. It is the recently launched Grand Postbiotic. Perfected and produced by the well-respected Grand Meadows company, a leader in their own field of expertise, the significant benefits of the ground-breaking Grand Postbiotic are showcased by the excellent results that have trainers adopting the supplement as a mainstay item. The bonus of saving money by being able to drop other supplement products that become no longer necessary, is a neat addition to bringing real answers and resounding resolution to the problems that their horses suffer.

If any of your horses in training are subject to weight challenges, exhibit behavioral challenges, showcase a dull coat or are under stress from the demands of competition and training, then learning about Grand Postbiotic and experiencing its performance firsthand is a solid plan. Especially as you will see below, when you can do it for free.

Repeat orders from horse training professionals across multi-disciplines show that the product is being embraced whole-heartedly. Based on the upward trending engagement in utilizing its myriad of advantages for the horse, that have been shown to include: increased blood oxygen levels; reduced recovery times from lactic acid accumulation; ability to act as barrier to harmful bacteria and supporting overall intestinal health, it’s little wonder that this uniquely formulated product is winning the hearts and minds of professionals.

Combining their ongoing commitment to improving horse health and helping equestrians realize their dreams, Grand Meadows is offering a FREE trial of Grand Postbiotic to qualified professional horse trainers. To get on track and apply for a free trial simply sign up here.

Offer ends October 31st, 2023, and supplies are limited, so don’t stand the at the gate, gallop in now.

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 About Grand Meadows: Founded in 1989 by visionary Angela Slater, Grand Meadows is a leading horse health product and equine supplement manufacturer driven by the guiding principle of providing affordable, extremely high-quality science-backed horse products to help ensure horses look and feel their best.

For the past 35 years the company’s mission has been honored and developed further, by President Nick Hartog, who among other accomplishments is one of the founding members and current board member of the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC), an organization that has a profound impact on the safety, transparency, and legitimacy of the animal supplement industry.

Grand Meadow products are widely used and trusted across the entire horse community from Olympic medal winning competitors and successful horse racing trainers to backyard horse owners. Their equine supplements are highly regarded for their excellent quality resourced ingredients and completely accurate labelling and effective formulations. Learn more at

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