Horses and Humans Research Foundation’s Executive Director Receives Prestigious James Brady Award

Horses and Humans Research Foundation (HHRF) has some exciting news to share!  Pebbles Turbeville, EdD, Executive Director of HHRF, has won the James Brady Award for 2022! The James Brady Award winner is chosen based on their contributions to the EAS industry in ethical leadership, service, and promotion, as well as their creative ideas and work in collaborations and partnerships to enhance EAS opportunities.

Pebbles served on the NARHA now PATH Intl.  Board, and worked at St. Andrews for almost 20 years, serving in various leadership positions, including Therapeutic Horsemanship Director, Associate Professor, Department Chair for Equine Studies, and finally Sport Studies Department Chair. Dr Turbeville has been the Executive Director of HHRF since 2020. In her 2 years as ED, she has organized 2 in-person conferences within 10 months of each other (a new venture for HHRF) and attended/presented at numerous events speaking about research and supporting HHRF’s mission to be a catalyst in advancing global knowledge of horse-human interactions. She recently presented at the CHA Conference on Applying for Grants for your Equine Program and on a panel for 2022 IAHAIO Conference on Research: Looking Behind the Academic Curtain. She has been responsible for bringing in extensive funding to HHRF in her short tenure as ED, and has created the Innovation Grant, a $10,000 Pilot Study in horse and human interaction.

Teaching for over 20 years in the EAS industry, her influence is woven into every aspect of our field. Some would say the single most important contribution that Dr. Pebbles Turbeville has made over the past twenty years and continues to make is fostering passion and developing talented professionals for the industry through teaching in higher education, workshops, and conferences.

Dr. Turbeville is not done with her innovation and influence at a national level. She has built collaborations between HHRF and international organizations, such as IAHAIO and HETI. Under her leadership, HHRF has developed the Equine Well Being Committee’s Guidelines for Humans from the Horse’s Perspective, monthly webinars and a preconference day on research for PATH Intl.

Always looking for more ways to contribute to the industry, Pebbles just completed her Doctorate at United States Sports Academy, focusing again on furthering the EAS industry with her dissertation topic: Master’s level curriculum in Leadership for Equestrian Professional”.

Contribute to HHRF today and help ensure that this important research, and education about research on horse-human interactions continues. For more information about HHRF and our team, visit the website or contact Dr. Pebbles Turbeville, Executive Director,

Mission: Through sustained investment in rigorous ethical research and educational initiatives, HHRF serves as a catalyst to advance global knowledge of horse-human interactions and their impact on the health and well-being of people, horses and other equines.

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