A Top Farrier’s Expertise and a Unique Reference for Riders, Trainers, and Instructors

Trafalgar Square Books (www.HorseandRiderBooks.com) is thrilled to announce the release of two new educational references from leading industry experts.

SHOEING THE MODERN HORSE by Head of Farrier Services at the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine and instructor at the Cornell Farrier School Steven Kraus, with longtime AHP member and current Vice-President Katie Navarra, is the must-have reference for effective and responsible shoeing for the good of the horse. This highly illustrated guide by one of the world’s leading minds in the area of farriery provides an unparalleled look at advances in shoeing and general hoof maintenance, with the goal of helping owners to comprehend the “whys” of certain choices, recognize variations in shoeing options, and become better consumers of horse shoes and horseshoeing all around.


“The most extraordinary professionals are those who can translate complicated intellection into something that we can all understand. Steve demonstrates such talent in his book, which provides horse owners with a virtual portal into their farrier’s rationale. The knowledge conveyed in this book would be a valuable asset to successful equestrians and equine professionals alike.” —G. Robert Grisel, DVM, Founder of GetSound® and Author of Equine Lameness for the Layman

224 pages | 225 color photographs | Watch the trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZcZMehXJP4c

ARENA TRACKS by international educator and licensed instructor Christian Baier is the only complete reference explaining classical arena tracks and how to use them. Ultimately, these classical tracks are at the foundation of everything we do in an arena with a horse, from the beginner rider just off the longe line, learning basic navigation around the ring, to the most experienced rider working a horse at the highest level of international competition. Even jumping courses consist of a combination (or variation) of arena tracks strung together from start to finish marker! In these pages readers not only find handy quick-reference sections on the correct arena tracks for training and riding, but also a unique collection of over 50 select exercises for using them in the development of a sport horse on the flat and over fences.

Praise for ARENA TRACKS:

“Christian Baier’s step-by-step system of patterns and exercises with excellent explanations provides visual aids at the foundational through advanced levels. Riders, trainers and teachers wanting to enhance their and their horses’ education need this book!” —Melanie Smith Taylor, 1984 Olympic Show Jumping Team Gold Medalist

192 pages | 168 color diagrams | Watch the trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GstS_AJNr_A

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