Nutramax Laboratories Celebrating Phillip Dutton Partnership Spanning 25 Years

Nutramax Laboratories and Cosequin® Joint Health Supplement are celebrating their 25-year partnership with International 5* Eventer, Phillip Dutton. For nearly 30 years, Dutton has long stood atop podiums winning numerous medals from the most prestigious sporting events around the world.

“Phillip’s unwavering support, loyalty, and unparalleled talent have been instrumental in our journey,” said Todd Henderson, DVM, CEO of Nutramax Laboratories. “It’s a blessing to have watched Phillip accomplish everything he has over the last 25 years, and an honor to have provided the best support for his horses.  It fully represents what the Cosequin brand stands for – When Performance Matters.”

This marks the longest partnership for Nutramax Laboratories with any athlete or ambassador; a testament to shared values and a mutual commitment to excellence. Dutton was already passionate about Cosequin® products for his horses’ performance prior to his partnership with the brand. With his experience as a world-class athlete, passion for horse health, and ability to speak from a customer perspective, the partnership made for a natural relationship.

“I could not be prouder of my 25-year partnership with Nutramax,” said Dutton. “They are an incredible company. The commitment to optimal equine health and performance with their products is unparalleled and has made a huge impact to my horses’ careers as well as the world-wide equestrian community!”

As they commemorate this milestone, Nutramax and Dutton remain steadfast in their pursuit of excellence as both parties look forward to the continued relationship with Cosequin® Joint Health Supplement.

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Contact: Ethan Sutherland, DVM
Nutramax Laboratories Veterinary Sciences, Inc.