Riding in Dignity – A Philosophical Foundation to Finding the Ultimate Connection

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Dr. Maria Katsamanis

Golden Horse Press is pleased to announce the release of Riding in Dignity by Dr. Maria Katsamanis.  PRE-ORDER the book now by visiting ridingindignity.com.

In this book, Dr. Katsamanis opens a portal into the mind of a master horsewoman and illuminates a mindset that has paved the way for a decades-long successful communion with horses. Do not be deceived by the almost childlike, “do-no-harm” simplicity of the content. The format weaves rare personal stories drawn from poignant life experiences and theories that are meant to deepen your understanding and improve rapport with horses—and all sentient beings. The reader is given more than just temporary tips and tricks. Rather, this text offers a roadmap, and entices readers to open their minds and hearts and consider a philosophy of being that Dr. Maria promises will make for more effective and ethical training and riding decisions.

Each chapter, you are drawn in with a mix of practical advice, philosophy, and storytelling to allow for a spiritual probing. With each page, you take another step in your journey toward “centaurship.” Mythos collides with logos in a philosophical pilgrimage that promises “best-practices” logic and mythical nuggets of wisdom—the fundamental ingredients of Dr. Maria’s elixir, an approach that changes the lives of both horses and humans. Both an urgent manifesto and a practical guide on how to reclaim our timeless connection to the horse in an “avatar-like” bond, Riding in Dignity lays out a philosophical map to supercharge the sense and resurrect your inner wisdom as the compass in your horsemanship. A clue to the book’s core theme is cleverly nested in its title, which can be read two ways: are you pursuing “riding in dignity,” or “riding indignity”?

MARIA KATSAMANIS is a horse trainer, exhibition rider, and author. Utilizing her background in equine and human physiology and psychology to examine the fundamental mechanics of the human-equine interaction, she helps improve communication with and the well-being of horses. She is the founder of the non-profit organization Friends for Pegasus, championing ethical and compassionate equine education and training practices. Her background in biofeedback and psycho-physiology is central to her training approach and offers a “game-changing” perspective on decoding communication between horse and human, equine behavior, and posture issues. She is co-author of The Alchemy of Lightness (Trafalgar Square Books, 2013), which introduces the concept of molecular equitation to the equestrian community, examining the connection between horse and rider on a molecular level. Her base is at Mythos Farm in New Jersey, where she operates an active training barn; she travels as a clinician worldwide. She holds a degree in Clinical Psychology and is one of a select few horsemen outside India to work with the rare Marwari horses (mariakatsamanis.com).

192 pp · 8 x 10 · 34 color and b&w photographs and illustrations · 979 8 9886149 3 7 · $42.95

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