Navigating the Freelance World

Are you considering a leap into the depths of freelance work? Whether you’ve been in the horse publication world for years, or are just beginning, establishing yourself as a freelancer can be tough.

One of the popular Sharing Ideas sessions that was held at the AHP Tally-Ho at the Alamo Seminar in San Antonio, was Navigating the Freelance World, moderated by freelance writer and photographer Abigail Boatwright and freelance writer, photographer and editor Jennifer Bryant.

This session focused on discussing those burning questions many freelancers struggle with as they develop a freelance part-time or full-time career. The group shared experiences that covered launching a freelance business, building a portfolio, establishing rapport with editors, pitching for multiple magazines, setting rates, tools of the trade, promoting your work, balancing work and home life (including freelancing as a parent!) and traveling while you work.

Download the session handout: Navigating the Freelance World Resources [pdf]

A multiple AHP award-winning author, Abigail Boatwright. suggested this session, which was well attended and enjoyed by attendees. After the seminar, she wrote a blog post titled “Nine Things I’ve Learned in Four Years of Freelancing.” We asked Abigail to allow us to share her experiences as a freelance writer and photographer with fellow AHP Members.

To read Abigail’s post, click here.

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