A Mission with A Vision

Forty-five years ago, a group of publishers gathered to form an organization of horse publications. The original mission, “to promote better understanding and cooperation between all facets of the horse industry, irrespective of breed,” is true today.

American Horse Publications membership has expanded to over 500 members and includes equine-related publishing media, businesses, professionals, colleges, and students. Advances in digital technology have changed the way we communicate information. However, AHP’s mission remains steady: to promote better relationships within the horse industry, to provide education to improve the equine publishing industry, and to encourage and support all activities which will increase interest or bring about improvement in all things relating to the horse.

American Horse Publications members are the communicators for the horse industry. They are the storytellers, image-makers, innovators, and caretakers for the horse and its community.

What we have learned in the past 45 years is that change in technology is continual and our role as communicators is constant. To move forward, we must appreciate the value of our brands and the opportunities to extend their worth through multiple platforms and outlets. Digital technology opens many windows for communication. We need to embrace the vision and match it to our mission.

As an association, AHP is moving forward with the trends in our industry. In 2015, changes in membership categories will enhance the brand identity of our members and more clearly distinguish their role within the association and horse industry. Our vision for the future matches the association’s mission statement. Our goal remains to provide horse owners and enthusiasts with professional journalism, timely news, and accurate information to improve the horse industry and share the love of horses with the world.

Christine Brune

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