2017 AHP Champion Dean Hoffman

By , June 17, 2017

Dean Hoffman was honored as the 2017 AHP Champion during the AHP Equine Media Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona. Hoffman was elected to the board in 1995 serving nine years as a Director until moving onto the Executive Board in 2004. He became the 2006-2007 AHP President and then Immediate Past President in 2008. He served a total of 15 years on the board.

My aha moment at an AHP seminar in 1994

By , January 15, 2020

AHP Champion and past president, Dean Hoffman remembers an AHP seminar in Lexington, Kentucky in June 1994, when a representative of a printer spoke to AHP members. “His comments prompted several light bulbs to brighten in my normally-vacant brain,” he says. “AHP membership (and participation!) paid for itself many times over for Hoof Beats,” says Hoffman. “Plus, I got to hang around and become friends with some of the top professionals in equine journalism and benefit from their wisdom.”