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F.A.Q.s~Frequently Asked Questions


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How do I send news to the AHP Newsgroup?

The AHP Newsgroup is for press releases only. Submissions must include information that would be of interest to the general membership. Solicitations are not allowed other than for recognized charitable organizations. Messages should not include statements that may harm the reputation or relationship with a fellow AHP member. Members are limited to two press releases per month. These press releases are also listed on the Home Page under AHP Newsgroup at and then archived online at for easy reference under Newsgroup Archive for four months.

Messages should be sent as text only in an e-mail message to Attached files, such as PDF and images, will not be used. Messages may contain links, but please use the www or http:// that precedes the URL address. Images, logos or attached files will not be included or distributed. Members are urged to include contact information on image availability.

AHP has not verified the factual statements in any message and AHP assumes no responsibility for the contents of, or any damage resulting from, any communication in the Newsgroup, Bulletin Board or CareerTrack. Publication is not an endorsement by the organization of any product, person, or policy.

For more information, contact Chris Brune at or 386-760-7743.

Why can't I send attached files to the AHP Newsgroup?

Unfortunately, not everyone on the Newsgroup list use the same email system and many will not be able to open or view the attached files. Since the purpose of the Newsgroup is to have people read and/or publish the news, it is important to keep access as simple as possible.

Can I add my staff to the AHP Newsgroup list?

Members Only Benefit. AHP Members may add the email addresses of staff members by sending a request to Chris Brune at

When are the dates of the next seminar?

The AHP 2015 Seminar is scheduled for June 18-20 at the historis Menger Hotel in San Antonio, Texas

Where can a small publisher find resources to help grow my publication?

The number one benefit of joining American Horse Publications is networking with other equine publishing professionals. Fellow AHP members listed in the Membership Directory are a great resource of information. The AHP web site also offers a Career Center that includes handouts from previous seminars and additional resources for career development.

How do I post a job opportunity to the CareerTrack?

Members Only Benefit. The AHP CareerTrack is an online job bank that posts help wanted and opportunities sought positions in equine publishing. Listings may be submitted to for posting to the web site.

Can I access AHP forms online?

Yes, most forms and applications are available online in either a Word (doc) or PDF format. Membership applications are accessed at Join AHP. All other forms are available under the specific program. Forms are also available by contacting the AHP office at (386) 760-7743 or by email to

Where can I find information about programs that AHP offers students pursuing a career in equine publishing?

American Horse Publications offers several programs for students as well as a student membership. Information on the Student Award and Internship Handbook are listed online under Students. A Student membership application is available at Join AHP.

Why do AHP members enter the Annual Awards Contest?

Membership surveys indicated that receiving the judges' critiques was the most important reason, however promotional value and staff recognition also ranked very high.