Haygain to Sponsor April 25 Sport Horse Podcast on Cardiorespiratory Challenges

As a science-backed horse health company, Haygain is honored to sponsor the Monday, April 25 Sport Horse Podcast episode focusing on cardiorespiratory challenges in sport horses. Prominent international veterinarian, Emmanuelle van Erck Westergren is the episode’s expert.

Dr. Westergren is a leader in harnessing science in service to horse health. She is a long-time advocate of Haygain Steamed Hay as part of a proactive approach to protecting the respiratory health of elite equine athletes.

“I want to help horses compete successfully over a whole season and a whole career,” Dr. Emmanuelle explains. Accomplishing that involves working with owners to evaluate and implement best management practices related to every aspect of their horse’s health.

“Respiratory function is critical to that, yet often under-appreciated and misunderstood,” she explains. “Worse, warning signs of trouble are easily missed or misinterpreted.”

That’s why Dr. Emmanuelle welcomes the chance to share respiratory health insights on the Sport Horse Podcast.

What: The Sport Horse Podcast launched in February of this year and is presented by the Equine High-Performance Sports Group. Hosts Tim Worden, PhD, and Nicole Lakin, examine topics that represent the “intersection of science and horsemanship.”

Tim is a sports performance consultant who has worked with a number of FEI jumping riders and has a PhD in biomechanics.

Nicole is a lifelong equestrian, a technology consultant and entrepreneur who founded the Barn Manager app.

Nicole and Tim are members of the Equine High-Performance Sports Group and Sport Horse Research Foundation.

Where: You can find the podcast on all major Podcast Players by searching for Sport Horse Podcast, or you can listen on the Sport Horse Podcast website, www.sporthorsepodast.com.

When: The Cardiorespiratory Challenges in Sport Horses episode airs Monday, April 25 and will be available for later listening, along with all of the Podcast’s twice-monthly shows.

For more information, visit SportHorseSeries.com or contact Tim Worden, PhD, at tworden81@gmail.com, or Nicole Lakin at nicolelakin@gmail.com.


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