AHP Equine Media Get Back in the Saddle and Celebrate Excellence in 2021

The American Quarter Horse Journal was honored as Overall Publication.

American Horse Publications (AHP) members gathered in Texas to rekindle friendships, make new contacts, get motivated, and cheer the AHP Equine Media Award winners. The EMA announcements are one of the most anticipated events held during the annual conference.

“Members had to wait for the news a little longer in 2021,” says AHP Executive Director Chris Brune. “The AHP board decided to move the conference dates from May to September to hold an in-person conference. It was the right move,” says Brune. “Attendees were thrilled to be together again.”

Promoting excellence in equine media has been part of AHP’s mission for over 50 years. Since 1975, the annual awards competition has recognized standards in journalistic integrity for informative and engaging content in various media categories. Highlighting excellence in equine media and providing guidance for improvement are the two key benefits of this member program.

Judged by twenty-one professionals, the 2021 Equine Media Awards competition for material published in 2020 included 56 classes, 643 entries, and 98 contestants. The complete results are available online in the awards program (PDF format) at https://www.americanhorsepubs.org/ahp-awards-contest/

The General Excellence Award is the most coveted honor for print publications. Judges review the entries on its editorial content and design and how well the publication meets its mission. This year’s award recipients included:

  • Eventing USA – Association Publication circulation under 15,000.
  • The American Quarter Horse Journal – Association Publication circulation 15,000 and over.
  • Arabian Horse Times – Self-Supported Publication circulation under 15,000.
  • Keeneland Magazine – Self-Supported Publication circulation 15,000 and over.

A separate judge reviewed the four eligible General Excellence winners and selected the winner of the Overall Publication Award. The American Quarter Horse Journal earned this prestigious award. The judge’s comment read, “The AQHA magazine is full of informative and entertaining articles written in an engaging, conversational tone. The clean design results in a magazine that is enjoyable to page through. Subjects, text, graphics, and other elements work together to fulfill the magazine’s mission statement. This publication can stand in the same ranks as any architectural, lifestyle, or enthusiast magazine published in New York and other major media centers.”

The Equine Media Awards contest offers two award divisions. The Publishing Media Division is for Publishing Media and Media Professional members, and the Business Division is for Business, Nonprofit, and College/University members.

Publishing Media members are equine-related print or online media that publish editorial content relative to news and information about the horse industry. Publishing Media members that achieved multiple honors in a variety of print and online categories included:

  • The American Quarter Horse Journal with 13 awards.
  • Western Horseman with 10 awards.
  • Sidelines Magazine with 7 awards.
  • BloodHorse, Chrome, and Mid-Atlantic Thoroughbred with 6 awards each.
  • Keeneland Magazine with 5 awards.
  • Horse Illustrated, Practical Horseman, and US Equestrian with 4 awards each.
  • EquiManagement, Horse Network, Horse Radio Network, Horse & Rider, and Quarter Horse News with 3 awards each.
  • Barrel Horse News, EQUUS, Eventing USA, Hoof Beats, Off-Track Thoroughbred, Paint Horse Journal, Sonoma County Horse Journal, Speedhorse, USDF Connection, USHJA in Stride with 2 awards each.

The Publishing Media members that earned one or more first-place awards covered a diverse spectrum of the horse industry. The winners included Arabian Horse Times, BloodHorse, Chrome, EquiManagement, Eventing USA, Hoofcare Publishing, Horse Network, Horse & Rider, Keeneland Magazine, Mid-Atlantic Thoroughbred, New Bridge Polo, NRHA Reiner, Practical Horseman, Quarter Horse News, Sidelines Magazine, The American Quarter Horse Journal, US Equestrian, USHJA in Stride, and Western Horseman.

Other Publishing Media members that earned EMA honors were Canadian Horse Journal, Equestrian Vaulting Magazine, The Horse: Your Guide to Equine Health Care, and The Team Roping Journal.

Equine media professionals and freelancers have become a growing and engaged group in the association. These individuals represent authors, writers, editors, photographers, designers, visual media, and multimedia professionals who provide various media services to the equine industry.

AHP Media Professional members submitted their entries in classes for material published in 2020 in both member and non-member publications. Allison Armstrong Rehnborg, Jennifer Bryant, Julie Bryant, Shelley Paulson, and Suzanne Sylvester were multiple award winners.

Media Professional members who received first-place awards were Megan Arszman, Jennifer Bryant, Julie Bryant, Jessie Haas, Douglas Lees, Elizabeth Kaye McCall, Julianne Neal, Adrienne Neary, Shelley Paulson, Troy Anna Smith, Larri Jo Starkey, and Suzanne Sylvester.

Other Media Professional members who earned an EMA honor included Abigail Boatwright, Jennifer Denison, Christina Keim, Kim Miller, Kelly Sanchez, and Kara Stewart.

In addition to staff-produced material, Publishing Media members often submit entries created by AHP Media Professional members. Contributors whose work won or placed in the EMAs included Jean Abernethy, Megan Arszman, Abigail Boatwright, Jennifer Denison, Christine Hamilton, Amy Hempe, Katie Navarra, Leann Noguera, Jennifer Paulson, Shelley Paulson, Allison Armstrong Rehnborg, and Shawna Simmons Witty.

The AHP Equine Media Awards offers the Business Division for its members that are equine-related businesses, nonprofit organizations or associations, and colleges or universities. Multiple award winners that entered their work from 2020 included:

  • Central Garden & Pet and Equine Network LLC with 4 awards each.
  • Straight Arrow Products, Inc. with 3 awards.
  • Kentucky Equine Research, SmartPak, and UK Ag Equine Programs with 2 awards each.

Earning first-place awards in the Business division were ASPCA, Breyer Animal Creations, Central Garden & Pet. Equine Network LLC, Kentucky Equine Research, Straight Arrow Products, Inc., The Humane Society of the United States., United States Hunter Jumper Association, and UK Ag Equine Programs.

Other members in the Business Division that earned an EMA honor included BUCKEYE Nutrition, MARS Equestrian, National Reining Horse Association, and the United States Equestrian Federation.

Congratulations to all the AHP members who achieved excellence in equine media for their work in 2020. AHP encourages all members to always strive for equine media excellence to keep #EquineMediaStrong.

Rules for the 2022 Equine Media Awards for material published in 2021 will be available to members in early January. 

For more information about the Equine Media Awards or becoming an AHP member in 2022 and being eligible to enter the EMAs, contact: Chris Brune at ahorsepubs@aol.com or visit www.americanhorsepubs.org.




American Horse Publications (AHP) has united equine-related publishing media, businesses, media professionals, colleges, and students for over 50 years. The professional membership association promotes excellence in equine media and encourages relationships and communication within the horse industry through education and networking. For more information, visit www.americanhorsepubs.org.

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