1998: Stephanie Lynn Church


MAJOR: Equestrian Studies and Journalism

SEMINAR SHE WON AWARD: AHP Seminar Del Sol Seminar, San Diego, California

CURRENT POSITION: Editor-in-Chief of The Horse. She has worked in six positions at the magazine since 1999. Her equine background is in eventing, and she enjoys photography, cooking, cycling, swimming, and traveling in her free time. Stephanie currently serves as the 2014-2015 AHP President. Stephanie is a strong believer in the student award program and has two other past student award winners on her team.

“There’s something new every day, and I still get the ‘buzz’ from following breaking news stories. Working with veterinarians is a lot of fun, and I am getting more comfortable with ‘translating’ vetspeak into something that the horse owner can understand, but yet challenges them.

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