2021 AHP Equine Media Student Award

Presented by American Horse Publications, an association of equine media, professionals and businesses

Do you have a passion for horses and a career as an equine media professional? Applications are closed for the 2021 AHP Equine Media Student Award. Meet the finalists, Haylie Kersetter and Hannah Waroway.


Are you eligible to apply?

Yes, if you are a senior in high school or an undergraduate matriculated* college student under the age of 25, pursuing a career in equine media during the 2020-2021 school year, with at least one semester remaining before graduation at the time of application. You must have a 2.00 GPA or higher.

*A matriculated student is one who has applied for and been accepted in a specific degree program through their college’s Admissions Office. Matriculated students in good standing must take a minimum of 9 credits and not exceed 18 credits per semester.

NOTE: The AHP Equine Media Student Award Contest is open to residents of the US and Canada only. Former Student Award Winners are ineligible; Travel Award Winners may re-apply.

Entry deadline closed

Applications will be available for 2022 in the Fall.

As an award winner you will …

Meet, network, and participate with publishers, editors, advertising, production, and marketing managers. You will participate in workshops, interactive discussions, lectures and informal get-togethers. This eye-opening conference will inform and enlighten you about the opportunities available to, and skills needed for, someone interested in pursuing a career in equine media. (Conference may be in person and/or virtual depending on status of the pandemic and the safety of attendees.)

Have an opportunity to discuss your talents and potential with the decision makers who do the hiring. Conversely, those professionals will be evaluating and appraising you as a possible future staff member.


Completed application form, plus:

1. Transcript of high school or college work completed and list of courses currently in progress.

2. List of scholarships and awards received, club and other organization memberships, and extra-curricular activities.

3. Employment record, including current job(s).

4. A 200-word (maximum) biographical sketch detailing your equine background, media experience, and career plans.

5. Three samples of your work, i.e. news or feature articles, advertisements, photographs, artwork, visual media, etc., published in print or online. (Classroom or published material acceptable.)

6. Two letters of recommendation from individuals such as instructors and employers.

7. Resume.

Incomplete applications will be disqualified.

All application materials must be received electronically. Acceptable file formats: PDF, jpg, mp4, mp3, doc

Online submissions required:

Judy Lincoln, Student Award Coordinator, ahorsepubs2@aol.com


American Horse Publications
Judy Lincoln, AHP Student Program Coordinator
(386) 760-7743
E-mail: AHorsePubs2@aol.com


The AHP Equine Media Student Award Judge will evaluate and compare your entry with other candidates based on the following criteria:

  • Interest in horses and media
  • Relevant experience
  • Skills and abilities
  • Career goals and confidence
  • Will be a deserving representative as an ambassador for AHP and equine media

Applicants will be scored based on the selection criteria and up to three students will be selected to receive a $1,000 travel award to the annual conference. Winners of travel awards MUST plan to attend the Irving, Texas, May 20-22, 2021, to receive their award. The travel award winners will be interviewed on Thursday afternoon during the conference. The AHP Student Award winner will be announced Friday, May 21, 2021.

Travel Award Winners

A travel award of $1,000, complimentary conference registration* and complimentary Student membership* will be awarded to up to three applicants. Travel Award winners have an opportunity to participate with equine media professionals in a three-day conference and related activities at the AHP Equine Media Conference in Irving, Texas, September 16-18, 2021.

Travel Award winners must agree to attend the conference, arriving by Thursday morning and departing no earlier than Sunday to receive the award.

(Conference may be in person and/or virtual depending on status of the pandemic and the safety of attendees.)

2021 AHP Equine Media Student Award Winner

The winner receives a cash award of $1,000 and the title of 2021 AHP Equine Media Student Award. Additional cash awards will be awarded at the discretion of the judge to the runners-up.

All qualified applicants will receive a complimentary Student membership* and a Student registration* certificate for the annual conference in Irving, Texas, September 16-18, 2021.

*Registrations and memberships are not transferable.

AHP offers other opportunities…

Student Membership: Available to high school, college, and graduate students under the age of 25 for dues of $25. Students are profiled in the online AHP Membership Directory, have access to the Members Only area of the AHP website, and may attend the annual conference at a reduced registration. To join: https://www.americanhorsepubs.org/become-an-ahp-member/

AHP Internship Program: Offers college students an opportunity to intern at an equine publication or business and gain valuable hands-on work experience.  The AHP Internship listings and application are available online at https://www.americanhorsepubs.org/internship-program/

For more information, contact Judy Lincoln, AHP Student Program Coordinator at ahorsepubs2@aol.com