Unbridled Thoroughbred Foundation Wins National Award

With over 3,700 votes cast, the people’s top choice is Unbridled 

Unbridled Thoroughbred Foundation is delighted to announce that it is the Grand Prize Winner of the Rescue/Sanctuary of the Year Award presented by the Equis Save Foundation.

Out of nearly 100 equine rescues and sanctuaries nominated for the national Award, Unbridled was the only Thoroughbred Foundation to be named in the Top Ten. “I have committed my life to advocating for the protection of Thoroughbreds,” said Susan Kayne, president and founder of Unbridled. “For all of the wonderful deeds that Thoroughbreds are willing to do for us, we owe them the respect of a protected and dignified existence throughout the whole of their 30-year plus natural lifespan.” The Foundation protects horses from exploitation and slaughter, rehomes horses through adoption, and provides permanent residence for horses with special needs and senior mares in sanctuary at Unbridled Stable.

Each year, the Equis Save Board of Directors selects ten finalists from the nominees, and then turns voting over to the public to decide the grand prize winner. The winner of the “Rescue of the Year” Award is presented with a personalized trophy and $1,000 grant for the care of rescued horses and facility upkeep. “Our accomplishments have been made possible through the generosity of public and volunteer support, to have earned the public’s trust is a privilege, this recognition is as much for those who voted for Unbridled as it is for us.”

Through advocacy, education, and hands-on engagement, the purpose of Unbridled is to embolden a new ethical perspective towards horses to ensure that they are protected from exploitation, suffering, and slaughter, and that they are appreciated, respected, and valued on the basis of their inherent worth throughout the whole of their natural life span.

About Unbridled Thoroughbred Foundation:
Unbridled Thoroughbred Foundation is a volunteer-run, donor-supported 501(c)3 non-profit public charity. Susan Kayne founded the organization in 2004 to provide for aftercare for the New York racehorse Stalwart Member. Unbridled is the only Thoroughbred Foundation in the USA to achieve the highest levels of Accreditation for both equine care and fiscal transparency from the American Sanctuary Association (ASA), Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS), Equus Foundation, and GuideStar.

Learn more about Unbridled at: http://www/UnbridledHorses.org

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