Harness Horse Youth Foundation Participated in the 2021 Dan Patch Festival Parade

The Harness Horse Youth Foundation in cooperation with the Indiana chapter of the United States Harness Writers Association participated in the 2021 Dan Patch Festival Parade to help commemorate the horse’s 125th birthday in Oxford, Indiana.

Participants included Sonora and Jeff Dever, Bryce Nickells, Abigail, Lydia and James Platz, Chloe and Sandy Tetrick, Bob Heyden, Ellen Taylor, and Hoosier Buddy on loan from Harrah’s Hoosier Park.

Pennants were designed highlighting the greatness of Dan Patch’s racing feats and distributed to an eager crowd of parade watchers, both young and old.

Following the parade, the crew set up interactive activities in the kids area of the Festival. The “authentic” horseshoes proved to be the most popular handout among those in line to attend the upcoming rodeo.

Contact: Ellen Taylor
Executive Director
Harness Horse Youth Foundation