Copies of Lisa Wysocky’s Newest Book, The Mysterious Horse House, Available for Review

Limited copies of award-winning author Lisa Wysocky’s newest book, The Mysterious Horse House (ISBN: ‎ 978-1890224998, Fura Books, 158 pages, 5.25″ x 8″) are available for review.

The young adult novel follows Keela, whose twelfth birthday is 266 days away. She lives with relatives in an odd house built into a cliff, has never met her parents, and has no idea where they are. Her life is quite boring, since no one ever comes to visit. So, when tiny, mysterious, dancing lights lead her to a secret tunnel, and a fat, talking pony shows up in the barn, Keela soon finds herself on the adventure of a lifetime.

Early reader reviews have been glowing:
Faye: Reading this book brought back the feeling that reading can be magical and wondrous . . . an absolutely priceless experience. The reading level is appropriate for both children and adults. The characters are vivid and the story line compelling. I’ve already lent my copy twice in two weeks . . . will have to pick up another for our farm’s lending library!

Cris: Charming! A sweet story with horses, family, magic, innocence (and horses!).

Lisa Wysocky is also the author of the Cat Enright cozy equestrian mysteries, which have been optioned for film/TV; as well as a host of horse training books, and books co-written with people who have amazing stories to tell.

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