JA Media Productions Partners with the Mustang Discovery Foundation to Provide Coverage of the Mustang Discovery Ride 2021/2022

Over the next year, JA Media Productions will partner with the Mustang Discovery Foundation to cover the Mustang Discovery Ride, featuring world-renowned T.I.P Trainers Hannah Catalino and Lisanne Fear. The two women will spend the next 12 months riding and packing a string of BLM Mustangs, Burros and a Mulestang from Delaware to California along the American Discovery Trail. Catalino and Fear met at a Mustang Heritage Foundation Extreme Mustang Makeover event in 2014 and over time, the idea for the ride took shape. With the goal of “5,000 miles, 5,000 Mustangs,” they hope to spark interest across the country by encouraging people to adopt wild horses. With over 50,000 Mustangs currently in BLM holding pens, the need for advocacy is great. Julianne Neal of JA Media Productions will host a weekly podcast to highlight the travel and connections made on the road, as well as serve as Producer/Director of a Docu-series and film covering the year-long project.

Neal covered the action as the team struck out on the East Coast at Cape Henlopen State Park in Lewes, Delaware on Tuesday, September 28th, 2021, continuing through Delaware following the American Discovery Trail. Once they crossed the state line into Maryland, the first stopover was at Tuckahoe State Park for the annual “Celebration of the Horse,” featuring a liberty demonstration by Catalino, presentation by Fear, Parade of breeds, screening of films provided by the EQUUS Film and Arts Fest and clinic with Natural HumanshipTM clinician Bruce Anderson, all supported by the Maryland Horse Industry Board. Anderson is slated to complete his NH training program with a BLM mustang currently in holding and that complete process will be documented in the series. Following the Tuckahoe event, the MDR team continued through Maryland, stopping in Washington, DC for a visit to Meadowbrook Stable, the oldest urban riding school in the United States, and a ride through the capital to the National Mall. The appearance serves to highlight the ADT and bring attention to the H.R. 4878 National Discovery Trail Act currently before Congress for consideration. Neal’s students from the Fairfield County School District reached out to South Carolina’s U.S. Congressman, Ralph Norman, to discuss the bill and ask for his support.  The Arts Integrated lesson plan for the outreach program is part of a series of K-12 lessons in development that will be available for the public through JA Media Connections, LLC.

The Mustang Discovery Ride will cover 6,800+ miles on the continuous, multi-use trail, with stops in each of the 12 states to attend special events, as well as present clinics and demonstrations. Lisa Diersen of the EQUUS Film and Arts Fest has signed on as Executive Director of the Mustang Discovery Foundation and will handle arrangements and sponsorships for the ride. Diana De Rosa of PRESSLink PR will provide photos and updates during the project. In addition to the interviews and footage that Neal is filming across the country, a team of EQUUS filmmakers to include Roopa Baru, Rhonda Gregorio, Heather Reichel and Neta Rhyne, as well as Jacqueline Taylor of EQUUS TV, will be supporting the development of the documentary project by providing coverage through specific states on the ADT.

JA Media Productions is a boutique creative studio in South Carolina, specializing in podcast production, documentary shorts and content creation. Services include creative direction, social media, remote content creation and production. For more information, please contact Julianne Neal at jamediaconnections@gmail.com.

 The Mustang Discovery Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and a wild ride across America to inspire adoptions of living legends. We are working to help people discover how truly incredible these wild horses are, trekking with our favorite companions 5,000 miles across America to inspire the adoption of 5,000 mustangs. For Sponsorship and Fundraising info please contact lisa@equusfilmfestival.net

 Bruce Anderson is the founder of the Natural HumanshipTM training method. Anderson is an international clinician, specializing in building a mental foundation for work with horses and humans. Natural HumanshipTM clinics and workshops are available for corporate group management training, law enforcement recertification training and horse owners and trainers working toward an improved relationship with their horses. For more information, please contact Bruce Anderson at naturesviewus@yahoo.com.

CONTACT: Julianne Neal, (803) 351-0223