NSC, Fructans, and EMS — Again

Eleanor M. Kellon, VMD

It’s like the movie Groundhog Day. The same incorrect information keeps surfacing again and again.

Self-proclaimed experts on forage for horses, and forage carbohydrate fractions, state that Nonstructural Carbohydrates (NSC) is the hay fraction to be concerned about with when dealing with Equine Metabolic Syndrome (EMS).

Not so.

NSC = nonstructural carbohydrates, which includes oligosaccharides and fructans. Oligosaccharides and fructans are NOT digestible in the small intestine and do NOT cause a significant insulin rise .

Since over 90% of laminitis cases are caused by high insulin, this is an important point.

There has never been a documented case of laminitis caused by fructans in hay. Never. It’s just not an issue and telling people to use NSC instead of Ethanol Soluble Carbohydrates (ESC) + starch, less than 10% total, leads to rejection of perfectly acceptable hays.

Evidence- based science means statements made have properly determined evidence and proof behind them. There is ample evidence that insulin is by far the major cause of laminitis and no evidence that the fructan levels found in hay pose a laminitis risk.

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