Two Award Winning, Internationally Recognized Books Published by Beech Tree Arts

Adrienne Neary, owner of Beech Tree Arts, is pleased to share the news of her two award winning books, both of which invite us to understand and appreciate the sensitive nature and generosity of horses more deeply.

“COHERENT HORSEMANSHIP: Combining the Quantum and the Classical”, winner of American Horse Publications Equine Media Award for Equine-Related Non Fiction Book published in 2020, is a DIY manual for horse people.

It features the art of Classical Dressage, passed to Neary by Dr. HLM van Schaik, who, among other great achievements, studied many Classical Dressage manuscripts in the languages they were originally written; some crafted between the 1600 and 1800s. His intention was to learn principles as close to ‘source’ as possible, and embrace the richness and subtle meanings that were so often lost in translation. He applied what he learned, taught what he knew, and stayed true to Classical philosophy; its roots extending thousands of years into the past and growing organically into the insightful cultivation of a horse’s natural talents for many tasks including figures of the arena.

This manual also features the art of hands on healing, passed to Neary by Reiki Master, Dr. John Harvey Gray, who was a zesty mix of Buddhist v.2.0 and meta-physicist. He carefully studied hundreds of books and texts, also extending thousands of years into the past, and combined that knowledge with new developments in modern physics. In practice, he always stayed true to the Traditional Usui form and philosophy of Reiki that was passed down to him by his Master, Hawayo Takata.

The seriousness and vigor with which these people applied themselves to learning and practice was extraordinary. And now, riders in many countries are seeking a revision of the ‘Old World’ to be made new and sustainable, to revive excellence for excellence sake. ‘COHERENT HORSEMANSHIP: Combining the Quantum and the Classical makes this accessible to any horseperson:

“This is an exceptionally comprehensive and moving book that holds the potential to change lives. I’d readily recommend it to every rider and, especially, instructors. The first impression is “moving”; by the end, Neary has supplied a comprehensive guide to working with the horse through levels of “training.” Illustrations greatly enhance understanding and, in some cases, even create an emotional response.”  ~ AHP  Judge

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The second book, “LEGENDARY HEARTS OF HORSES” has received several Five-Star Reviews by Readers’ Favorite, and is the winner of 2021 EQUUS Film & Arts Festival’s ‘Equestrian Overall’ Winnie Literary Award. It’s a wonderful gift for all horse lovers.

Historically, horses have powered the ambitions of man, but, the Heart that powers the Universe itself, powers horses

Enjoy the inspirational and fascinating journey into history, at first through horses possessing ‘larger than normal hearts’, and then experience the intertwining of all the aspects of ‘horse heart’ regardless of its physical size. The narrative deftly unravels how inseparable the tangible and intangible qualities of heart really are. From thrilling feats of speed and endurance, to the tenderness and forgiveness freely given, you will feel the Spirit of Heart that resides not only within horses, but within all of us.

“This is a stellar book with very important messages! Magnificently told. Superbly thought out. Divinely inspired and inspiring.”  – P. Perry

“I am thankful for the awareness I gained from reading this book, it has brought new aspects to my  relationship with my horse. I re-read chapters frequently…” – C. Virtue

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