Equi-Libris, LLC Gallops into 2022

The year 2021 proved productive for Equi-Libris, LLC and owner, Anna Sochocky. Five new articles for national equine magazines and an invitation to be a media expert for the equine journalism course for Equine Guelph proved to be the highlights.

Continued COVID restrictions and cancellations offered Sochocky the opportunity to take a deep dive into subjects in the news like how wildfires affect a horse’s air quality near and far, an enthralling historical discovery of women side-saddle jumpers setting records, and innovative medical advancements allowing equine veterinarians to see a problem deep inside.

“I love throwing myself into piles of research, whether the information is current or historical. Though I find myself falling down the research rabbit hole and have to climb my way out of the information warren, I love learning about unfamiliar topics,” Sochocky notes.

“I love the challenge of distilling a huge amount of complicated information into articles with accessible language for the reader and also sparks their curiosity to learn more, too,” Sochocky reasons”

Sochocky’s published credits in 2021 and early 2022 included a historical piece on women side-saddle jumpers featuring Madame Marantette in The Chronicle of the Horse – Untacked, advancements in equine imaging for Horse Illustrated, and a review of new horse books that should be on horse lovers bookshelves, again for Horse Illustrated.

Coming attractions on air quality issues both in and outside your barn for The Horse Magazine and a profile of United States Equestrian Federation “S” Dressage Judge, Bill McMullin for Sidelines Magazine.

2022 hopes to be another stellar year for new articles, blog posts, and a trip to Lexington, Kentucky for the annual American Horse Publications media conference.

Resolve to join the Nicker Notes herd in 2022, your passport to Horses, Health, and History and view examples of Sochocky’s work.

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