Achieve Equine Brings Comfort to the Horse with the VIP Equestrian™ Saddle Pad

Achieve Equine, LLC has teamed up with European-based VIP Equestrian as the exclusive North American Distributor for the VIP Equestrian Impact Protection Saddle Pads. The VIP Pad incorporates the gold standard for impact protection in human medical care. The proprietary VEteq™ viscoelastic polymer technology, combined with the revolutionary Bobble™ design, sets the VIP Pad apart from competitors’ gel or foam pads.

The VEteq polymer technology used in the VIP Pad is formulated to simulate another layer of body fat and skin. Using a proprietary vulcanizing cross-linking process, VEteq provides unique anti-shear properties and impact protection to alleviate pressure points and evenly distribute weight over the horse’s back. Under compression, the polymer does not bottom out like foams and gels.

The sleek, seamless Pad – at only 8 mm thick – is designed to not alter saddle fit. The proprietary Bobble design allows air movement to promote heat dissipation and reduced slippage without being sticky or pulling out hairs.

The hypoallergenic surface of the VIP Pad is bacteriostatic and easy to clean by rinsing with water and simply wiping with a clean, dry cloth. The Pad is available in four sizes: VIP Pony Small, VIP Pony Large, VIP Original, and the new VIP Original Wide. For more information, please visit

About Achieve Equine, LLC: Achieve Equine is a worldwide distributor of innovative, evidence-based equine products. We are the maker of FLAIR® Strips and the exclusive North American distributor of VIP Equestrian Saddle Pads and Iconic Equestrian™ Saddle Pads. We deliver safe, functional, and validated technologies that improve the health and safety of horse and rider. For more information, please visit

Contact: Hanna Hartman