The Athletic Equestrian: Ride Like a Varsity Athlete Now Available for Purchase

This new book from Coach Sally Batton offers solutions for common rider problems.

The Athletic Equestrian is proud to announce the official release of The Athletic Equestrian: Ride Like a Varsity Athlete, the new book by top collegiate coach and AEL founder Sally Batton and co-writer Christina Keim. Over her 35-year coaching career, Batton’s innovative training system has polished and refined riders at all levels, resulting in multiple individual and team championships. Whether you are a serious competitor, aspiring collegiate athlete or a pleasure rider looking to communicate more effectively with your mount, The Athletic Equestrian is the book for you.

In The Athletic Equestrian, Batton shares over 40 exercises to improve riders’ security and balance in the saddle and increase effectiveness of the aids. Exercises includes both upward and downward modifiers, allowing riders to choose their intensity level. Readers will want to challenge themselves to complete the entire “Equicize” exercise series and get together with friends to make Coach Sally’s “Training Tools” —simple and affordable equipment designed to increase body awareness and get rid of common bad habits once and for all.

Richly illustrated with over 150 color photographs, The Athletic Equestrian breaks complex concepts down into smaller, attainable bite-sized pieces. Practicing the exercises in The Athletic Equestrian will be certain to improve any rider’s form, technique and polish in the saddle and you will want to keep your copy ring-side.

“An endless toolbox of tips and strategies for riders, and not just for those who aspire to be varsity athletes,” says Denny Emerson, USEA Hall-of-Fame Inductee and author of Begin and Begin Again, Know Better to Do Better, and How Good Riders Get Good. “The Athletic Equestrian is, of all things, practical. In it are all manner of easily grasped concepts and exercises.”

“A self-guided tour down the path of equitation, allowing athletes with a limited access to in-person training resources a visual presentation of the fundamentals, as well as even the most experienced riders a ‘behind the curtain’ look at catch-riding in the collegiate format,” says Vanessa Bartsch, Executive Director and Head Coach of Stanford Equestrian in California. “A wonderful tool for the competitive athlete.”

The Athletic Equestrian: Ride Like a Varsity Athlete is published by Trafalgar Square Books and is available for order now. Purchase your signed copy today at

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