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The Lynn Palm Western Dressage Fund with The Dressage Foundation (TDF) leaps into its third year and seeks community support to continue to flourish. Lynn believes that the classical training principles of dressage are applicable and beneficial to all levels of riders, breeds of horses and riding disciplines and is happy to give back to the sport she loves.

Grants from the Lynn Palm Western Dressage Fund will provide financial support for groups that are hosting educational events such as clinics, camps and symposia for Western Dressage riders as well as individuals for continuing Western Dressage education.

“My goal for this Fund is for it to help grow the sport of Western Dressage,” Lynn shared. “I believe that education is how this can be accomplished!  My hope is that these grants will support events that include riders who might not yet be involved in Western Dressage but have an interest in learning about it. I would like for riders to receive quality instruction in Western Dressage and learn the biomechanics of the horse, how to develop him slowly and learn to ride ‘back to front.’”

Lynn continued, “If you are a Western rider and like to achieve harmony with a willing and confident horse, Western Dressage could be a perfect fit. The dressage principles will benefit you and your horse, no matter the discipline.  I also hope to bring the Ranch Riding enthusiasts together with Western Dressage through this Fund, as both disciplines focus on riding accurate  and precise tests while emphasizing the horse’s natural self-carriage.”

We look for support from the Western Dressage family. Donations help build a stronger, more accomplished dressage community. Further details about the Grant Fund are available at under “Grants and Programs>Educational Events” and “Support”.

Contact Jenny Johnson, TDF’s Executive Director, at (402) 434-8585 or with questions or for more information.

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Lynn Palm
Palm’s career highlights include 2007 American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) Horsewoman of the Year, a record four AQHA Superhorse wins, AQHA Female Equestrian of the Year by the Women’s Athletic Association, named one of the top United States clinicians by Horse & Rider magazine, over 34 AQHA World and Reserve World Champions, 7 WDAA World Championships and over 50 bridleless dressage exhibitions at events including the National Horse Show, 1989 World Cup and the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games, and World Cup. Palm and Cyril Pittion-Rossillon are co-founders of three horse industry companies: Palm Partnership Training, Women LUV Horses, and Alliance Saddlery USA. Palm is the author of The Rider’s Guide to Real Collection and Your Complete Guide to Western Dressage.

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