Nikki’s Notes: Is Digital Storytelling For You? Pros and Cons of Print & Digital Storytelling

Creative content writer and PR/Marketing specialist Nikki Alvin-Smith of Horse in a Kilt Media Inc. {HIAK} is always on the hunt for better ways to engage the target audience of her equine and pet industry clientele. Enjoy this excerpt from her latest marketing article available from HIAK.

“Don’t doubt the importance of digital storytelling or be shy to engage in some interactive marketing techniques. The constant frenetic marketing machine that is social media drives consumers in all directions. Figuring out how to reach new customers and gain leverage in new markets is always an essential component for the marketing team of any brand.

When you put together a digital storytelling strategy replete with long and short tail keywords and an effective data driven message, bear in mind that while digital storytelling offers higher engagement than print, the latter provides a deeper level of engagement and ultimately comprehension.

Narrative of both print and digital storytelling needs to address basic creative writing storytelling rules. Humor is always king when it comes to quick engagement, and human nature favors relatable experiences that confirm human fallibility. As horses, dogs, cats, and pets in general offer unpredictable responses, their inclusion in the narrative delivers an inventive opportunity that any good content writer will embrace.

The story must be believable. Sourcing a professional writer and/or someone experienced in the realm of the equestrian or pet world is a credential worth employing. Just as ROI {return on investment} on a blog is ‘the gift that keeps on giving ‘and thus can be hard to properly define in value as it can be infinite, the role of the digital or printed narrative similarly offers an unpredictable long-term benefit in addition to an immediate reward for spend.

Whatever is used within the digital storyboard, GIFS, graphics, illustrations, testimonials etc., the downside of digital storytelling is the confluence of distractions that it can present with outside links, digital ads and the like.

Transmedia posting is a must do, and a clear understanding of the differences in approach, arrangement and style between the variety of social media platforms is key to hooking the audience. Not always easy to know how to do and constantly a source of experimentation so marketing messaging needs to be nimble.

Sometimes it is hard not to feel as though you are missing people out and usually when you feel that way it is because in fact, that exclusion really is happening. It’s not about capturing everyone or even going viral, although the latter happens periodically and that is a lovely though temporary boost that encourages all of us to rinse and repeat the strategy. It’s about improving the perception and understanding of your brand.

Diversity in creative storytelling angles is also a necessary ingredient for a successful outcome to the efforts put forth from the marketing team and content writers.

At Horse in a Kilt Media we continue to push the envelope when it comes to all aspects of marketing. Mission branding trends with increasing popularity as a marketing tool; diversity across all images and visuals of the company should always be embraced; content production for both native and sponsored marketing campaigns in both digital and print storytelling and e-blast connections must be unique. The list is endless and takes some sincere effort to keep up to date with the dynamic forces in the marketing space.

New developments for the company HIAK include teaming up with, a multi-media hub for the equine and pet industry specifically, that will be launching their new website in March 2022 to detail the myriad of digital production services they have available that include a QPF soundstage and much more.

The Horse Studio’s involvement in film and movie production aside, storytelling requires a creative eye and well as writing talent. The Horse Studio offers us access to technology that can aid the process to develop brighter and better marketing for our valued clients and we look forward to continuing to roll out additional services throughout 2022 as they become available. Our existing clients will love what is coming from our ‘workshop’.”

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