Centenary University Receives the 2021 EQUUS Foundation Samantha “Sam” Calzone Memorial Award  

The EQUUS Foundation is pleased to announce the 2021 recipient of the Samantha “Sam” Calzone Memorial Award is Centenary University. Established in tribute to the life of Samantha Calzone and her everlasting passion for horses, the award recognizes an institution of higher learning offering equine studies and/or equine athletics programs that ensures that the quality of life of its equine partners is paramount. Preference is given to institutions of higher learning that offer both equine studies and collegiate athletic activities.

The recipient will receive a $2,500 grant from the EQUUS Foundation to be used to specifically underwrite horse care costs such as veterinary, dental, and farrier care, horse feed, supplements, bedding, horse gear, equipment, and supplies as well as alternative treatments and interventions or to assist in re-homing horses when they are no longer able to participate in the institution’s equine studies and/or intercollegiate athletic activities.

Centenary University’s Equine Studies Department is, for many students, the first stop on the way to a lifetime of success and achievement in the equine industry. The University offers a diverse selection of programs, including a bachelor’s degree in Equine Studies, Equine Science, Equine Training and Instruction, Animal Health Pre-Vet Track, Equestrian Media and Public Relations, and Equine Business Management; an associate’s degree in Equine Studies, a Therapeutic Riding program and equine athletic programs are also offered.

Centenary strives to balance quality time in the classroom with ample opportunities for students to apply lessons in a practical setting. The faculty and staff at Centenary recognize that the program’s horses play a central role in student development.

The University’s robust herd of about 90 donated horses allows instructors to match students with appropriate horses and rotate mounts often so that they can work on targeted skills. In addition, Centenary’s faculty members bring the unique perspective that comes from being practicing professionals within their respective fields. The herd receives the highest standard of care, with a licensed veterinarian serving as a faculty member, and a veterinary technician, facility manager and assistant facility manager on staff full time.

To ensure the welfare of each horse, Centenary carefully reviews the use of all animals in student research projects, riding instruction and other coursework through its Animal Care and Use Committee application process. The University also institutes a careful screening process for all horses being donated or rehomed, thereby maintaining the same high standard of care for active and retired program horses alike.

Designed to prepare students for everything from pre-veterinary admission to careers in fields like business management, horse training, media and public relations, Centenary has a place for every aspiring equine professional to receive a comprehensive education in the care and management of the horse.

The online application for the 2022 award will open on November 15, 2022 here.

Samantha Calzone (1996-2019)

On Sept. 16, 2019, Samantha Marie Pritchard Calzone passed away doing what she loved most in this life – riding horses.

Equipped with passion, the knowledge arising from her BS in equine studies from the University of Connecticut (UConn) and her Masters from Hartpury University in England, and the leadership skills she gained from serving as Captain of the UConn Equestrian Team, Samantha hoped to dedicate her life to improve the lives of horses.

“While the loss of Samantha will always be unimaginable to Samantha’s family and those who deeply loved her, we hope that Samantha’s legacy will be to inspire others to seek the knowledge that is needed to elevate the equine profession and to create a reality to ensure that safe solutions exist for both horses and people,” said Lynn Coakley, President, EQUUS Foundation.

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