Feature Your Programming & Quality Video Features on the EQUUS Television Network at No Cost

The EQUUS Television Network is a Global Equestrian Lifestyle Television Network. As we continue to build an audience, the goal is to cover every horse breed and discipline in the USA and abroad. We strive to partner with all the key breeds, organizations, and disciplines to cross promote and create mutually beneficial strategic partnerships.

We share your quality content in the worldwide feed on the EQUUS Television Network, and your organization gets massive ancillary marketing for the event (which can also provide your clients/sponsors with additional exposure). We make the coded content available to you via dynamic links and html via Social/Email/Web embedding etc.  Additionally, the content owners may provide direct links to publications, event ticketing and purchase opportunities to enhance their branding and marketing efforts. Ultimately, we aspire for EQUUS Television to be the place where every person with an interest in or desire to learn about horses will gather, no matter what equine focused content they are interested in. Everyone is free to watch a variety of programs or focus on just what inspires them.

Unlike other platforms, our reach is extremely extensive. There is no charge or requirement to interrupt the viewing experience by producing credit cards, forcing a registration, or any other friction point to tune in 24 hours a day.  Programming is available FREE on all major SmartTV Platforms, such as Apple TV, Amazon Fire, LG, SAMSUNG, ROKU & more plus streaming 24/7 at www.equustelevision.net. This provides a true multi-screen opportunity to capture the equestrian lifestyle enthusiast with a product that they will use regularly, with a very focused experience for on-line or offline television viewing.

EQUUS Television provides the content in a Linear Schedule, much like a conventional broadcast television network like ABC, CBS, NBC etc., along with LIVE Programming. It also features a robust ON DEMAND library & dedicated sub channels by Discipline, Location, Breed and Event that may be tailored to optimize viewer engagement.

If you have content you would like to have included on the EQUUS Television Network or would be interested in a partnership arrangement, reach out to Worldwide Equestrian Correspondent, Diana De Rosa for more details, diana@equustelevision.net or call 516-848-4867. Join us in our journey and submit your quality content to EQUUS Television and take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity to get worldwide distribution of your content at no cost.

Contact: Diana De Rosa, diana@equustelevision.net, 516-848-4867
EQUUS Television Network: www.equustelevision.com