EQUUS Television Network is Prancing to the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo

The EQUUS Television Network team is rocking again. They are heading to the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo and will be onsite with the EQUUS Film & Arts Fest and JA Media Productions from February 23 until the event closes on February 27.

There will be interviews by equestrian journalist, Diana De Rosa, and featured videos by videographer Jacqueline Taylor. CEO John Barlett will be onsite to meet and greet while also working on ensuring that all programming is posted on this lifestyle TV channel before the event ends. So, tune in to the EQUUS Television Network to watch all the action.

“The EQUUS Television team is looking forward to attending the February conference in Denver Colorado with our colleagues to share our central internet and television location,” commented Barlett. “One of our goals is to entertain and educate horse enthusiasts while championing the mission of the Colorado Horse Council and the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo. Our programming is available 24/7, 365 days a year as part of our no cost service to the equestrian community.”

The Rocky Mountain Horse Expo is only a small segment of what this fast paced, widespread and unique TV channel has to offer. From the equestrian events at last year’s summer Olympic Games to exciting polo, hunter/jumper, dressage action and so much more happening right now throughout the world, you’ll see it all. As this network continues to grow, its goal is to provide content from all the breeds and disciplines and everything in between.

Every day new content is being added. If you have quality equine content you would like to see featured, be sure to reach out to us to discuss how your work can become part of this fast growing free to watch equine lifestyle network.

For more information, contact Worldwide Equestrian Correspondent Diana De Rosa at diana@equestriantelevision.net. To get a glimpse of what is available go to www.equustelevision.net and spend your free time watching what’s showing now or pick and choose from the free on demand content.

 The EQUUS Television Network is a Global Equestrian Lifestyle Television Network. It is available for FREE on your favorite SmartTV Platforms, including Amazon Fire, Roku, Samsung, LG and Apple TV. You can find it in equestrian destination hotels across America and streaming online at www.equustelevision.net.

Contact: Diana De Rosa, diana@equustelevision.net, 516-848-4867
EQUUS Television Network: www.equustelevision.net